Great Food Sources of Phosphorus

Phosphorus is an important mineral in the development of strong teeth and bones. It is also vital to your kidneys to help maintain electrolyte and fluid balances in the body. It is vital that you get enough phosphorus in your diet. Foods such as bran, whole wheat, and sunflower seeds have high levels of phosphorus and are easy to incorporate in to your daily diet.

Phosphorus is essential to the development of our bones and teeth. It is important in maintaining a proper electrolyte balance and aides in kidney and heart function. Phosphorus is present in all our body cells, and is essential in helping the body release energy by breaking down food and burning fats and sugars. It is also important when it comes to the proteins responsible for cell growth and heredity.

It is recommended that adults have a daily intake of 700 mg of phosphorus a day, through readily available, healthy foods that is an easy task to manage. We put together a few suggestions of foods rich in phosphorus to incorporate into your daily diet.

Daily Phosphorus Diet

Breakfast: try bran or whole wheat cereal, which is high in phosphorus as well as fiber. You could also try toast with peanut butter or scrambled eggs.

Lunch: We recommend a roasted turkey sandwich, and a handful of sunflower seeds or nuts; all are good sources phosphorus and will give you energy to get through the day.

Dinner: Try cooking with garlic, which has excellent levels of phosphorus. Broccoli and legumes are also good sources.

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Enjoy the benefits phosphorus in your diet for healthy and strong bones.

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