List of foods rich in Selenium

Selenium is a mineral that, although only needed in small amounts, is said to protect the body against some of the major diseases.

Selenium teams with vitamin E to protect cells from damage, thus slowing down the aging process, helping the body resist infection, and protecting the body against toxic materials such as cigarette smoke. On its own, selenium helps to maintain healthy eyes, skin and hair, and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to combat conditions such as arthritis.

Be sure to consult your doctor before increasing intake of minerals, or changing your diet in any way.

A List of Rich Sources of Selenium

Selenium Rich Foods Listug (units)Portion (grams)
Brazil Nuts up to 1500100
Wheat germ up to 300 100
Brewers Yeastup to 260 100
Kidneys 250 100
Liver 150 100
Tuna 90 100
Other oily fish 25-60 100
Shellfish 20-40 100
Sunflower seeds 45 100
Lentils 30 100
Cashew Nuts 30 100

What if you're not getting the mineral selenium from rich foods?
According to research, there is a greater risk of heart disease and cancer (specifically breast and skin cancers) if you are deficient in selenium. Deficiency may also lead to a lowering of resistance against disease, infertility in men, faster aging and possibly, dandruff.

Who needs selenium?

A proportion of arthritis and rheumatism sufferers have had relief from their symptoms on taking the mineral with vitamin E. People with circulatory problems have also benefited. Women who are at high risk of breast cancer should try selenium with vitamin E as a preventative measure. Although, you should seek advice from your own doctor before attempting to take supplements of extra minerals!!

Do not take more than the prescribed amount of selenium as large doses will cause unpleasant problems such as loss of skin pigmentation, hair loss, decay and cavities in the teeth and fatigue!

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