List of Foods Rich in Selenium

If you’ve never heard of selenium, you’re missing out! It’s one of the most important nutrients needed by your body.

Selenium offers the following properties:

Anti-Aging — The antioxidant works with Vitamin E to protect your cells from damage, specifically against free radicals. By reducing free radical damage, you reduce the effects of aging.

Immunity Boost — Selenium is a natural immune booster, meaning it will make your body more efficient at detecting and eliminating any threats to its wellbeing. You can help your body resist infection more effectively thanks to selenium.

Protective — Selenium is an antioxidant, meaning it helps to reduce free radical damage in the body. If you are exposed to cigarette smoke, pollution, UV rays, and toxins from the processed food you eat, selenium can help to counteract the effects and prevent free radical damage.

Improve overall health — Selenium is needed to keep your eyes healthy, and it plays a role in the health of your hair and skin as well. It can help to reduce inflammation on your skin and scalp.

Anti-Inflammatory — Inflammation can be a sign of MANY different health problems large and small, but thankfully selenium is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Selenium is needed to produce prostaglandins, which are responsible for regulating your body’s inflammatory factors. You’ll find that it can help to prevent inflammation caused by arthritis (specifically rheumatoid arthritis) and other diseases.

Improve Skin Health — Worried about sunburn? Put on sunscreen, add some selenium-rich foods to your diet, and go enjoy a day outdoors! Selenium can help to prevent sunburn, and it may even play a protective role against skin cancer. You can have much healthier skin thanks to the antioxidant.

Prevent Prostate Cancer — Selenium may be able to reduce your risk of prostate cancer, one of the most serious forms of cancer for men. People who consume more selenium-rich foods tend to have a lower risk of the cancer, making it an excellent food for all men to add to their diets!

Wow! Selenium can do a whole lot for your health. Seems like it’s high time to add selenium-rich foods to your diet.

Sadly, selenium is not an easy nutrient to find. You have to eat very specific foods in order to get a decent dose of selenium:

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Eat more of these foods, and you’ll get all the selenium you need to be healthy.

Side Effects of Selenium

Yes, unfortunately, there are potential side effects and drawbacks of consuming selenium–though these side effects really only show up when you consume “too much” of this potent antioxidant.

Here are some of the negative side effects of this mineral:

Skin and nail changes —People who consume too much selenium often show signs of selenium toxicity in their skin and nails. It is not a common problem, but it has been known to happen.

Tooth decay — Something about the antioxidant promotes tooth decay as a result of overconsumption.

Gastrointestinal abnormalities — This is a medical way of saying, “Your digestive system is thrown out of whack”. You may suffer diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and/or other negative side effects of too much selenium.

Thankfully, these side effects are incredibly rare! It’s hard to get enough selenium in your diet, and the risk of your overdosing on this vital antioxidant is very low. You should have no problem eating as much of these selenium-rich foods as you want without having to worry about the negative repercussions for your body and overall health.

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