List of Zinc Rich Foods

The mineral zinc plays an important role in growth, keeping skin healthy, and sexual development. Foods rich in zinc are easy to incorporate into your daily diet, especially since you only need about 15-20 mg of zinc a day. Foods rich in zinc are mainly found in animal products such as meat and dairy but vegetarians and vegans will also find zinc in various nuts, seeds, and bran products.

A diet with an adequate amount of zinc is extremely important. Zinc is mineral that is often overlooked but did you know that getting enough zinc helps you grown, aides in sexual development, and keeps skin healthy?

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Zinc is a mineral used to help the body fight infections such as the (dreaded) common cold and zinc helps to strengthen the immune system. If you’re prone to illness, make sure you’re getting enough zinc in your diet and continue taking zinc even after you recover.

Zinc works with your skin to keep it healthy, reduces acne, and helps skin heal from cuts or burns. Zinc also helps with growth and sexual development. And maybe most importantly, zinc can help increase your sex drive.

A zinc deficiency may show up as white spots or bands on your fingernails (are you checking your nails now?) and when both zinc and vitamin B6 are lacking in your diet anemia may occur. So it’s incredibly important to get enough zinc in your diet.

We only need a tiny amount of zinc in our daily diets, about 15-20 mg a day. Zinc is a mineral found mainly in foods that come from animals such as milk, cheese, beef, and lamb. But if you’re a vegetarian or vegan you can also find zinc in oatmeal, brown rice, and various nuts.

Foods high in zinc are easy to incorporate into your diet. Try oatmeal with pecans for breakfast, a low fat roast beef

sandwich for lunch, and perhaps some lamb for dinner? Or, if you’re feeling like upping the ante, enjoy oysters on the half shell- oysters are not only an aphrodisiac, but some oysters (the Steamed Wild Eastern Oyster) can contain up to 182 mg of zinc per 100 grams!

Try to eat more zinc-rich foods to strengthen your immune system and to help keep to common cold at bay. Foods rich in zinc could possibly give you the glowing complexion you’ve always dreamed of or be your solution to bedroom woes.

Zinc is an important mineral that is easy to add to a daily diet and the nutritional benefits are numerous.

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