Fool Proof New Year Resolution

Every year we try to set a new intention or a new year resolution to better ourselves and to make this year better than the last. Every year we set an intention only to forget about it as the months go by. We usually set ourselves up for failure by setting new year resolutions that are not realistic. Life happens, and we often find ourselves failing at our new year resolution with in a month. Want to quit drinking, quit smoking, lose weight? Here are tips to make that happen without failing at it, a fool proof new year resolution.


Take your time. We have twelve months in one year. Why not use the whole year in creating new habits for our selves? If you are the kind of person that can stop something cold turkey and stay off of it, good for you! The majority of us fall victim to our vices. We could however become more aware of our habits, and start cutting down. The trick is to take your time! Don’t make yourself stressed out over something that supposed to make you a healthier person. One day at a time and you will quit in no time.


Drink water. Water has an amazing cleansing ability. It energizes us, clears our mind, and magically makes us feel healthier. Drink enough water and I bet you will even start to crave healthier foods. Drink enough water, and you might not want or crave another cigarette, or an alcoholic cocktail. Water may even curb your appetite. Thirst and hunger are easily confused, so next time you’re hungry, try drinking some water and see if that does the trick. Water detoxifies and eliminates toxins, and may even shed those few stubborn pounds you’ve been holding on to.


Eat more whole foods.Your body is very intelligent. It breathes, circulates, digests and moves you around. When you feed it the right foods, it works efficiently and will eliminate toxins almost automatically. If you eat whole foods your body will soak up all it’s nutrients and will leave you with less cravings for things like sugar and caffeine because it already received what it was looking for, more energy fuel. Caffeine and sugar are quick fixes that leave your body craving more because it didn’t get its full fix of true nutrients. When you feed your body whole foods it will also stabilize your moods, and your stress defense system will work smoothly. Since your body could manage stress better, your cigarette cravings will probably subside, and you may not need a drink at the end of your day. Drink a super food fruit juice and feel the real buzz of living food in your body. Your body craves it.


Make a new habit. The act of going to the gym isn’t what gets people in shape. It’s the routine, and lifestyle that they habitually build for themselves. Think of ways you can create new habits for yourself. Ride a bike every time you need to go to the corner store, drink tea instead of coffee, take your dogs out on a walk more often, take a bath instead of a shower, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or do ten sit ups every time you walk into the kitchen. Think little changes you can make throughout your whole day. These are easy but effective and before you know it, you’ve done 100 sit ups, something you normally wouldn’t of done even if you were to go to a gym. Need motivation? Hire a health coach. Want to save money? Set up a game with friends, every time someone curses they have to pay a dollar. You can save money and clean up your language. Your mother would be proud at the new habits you’re forming for yourself!


Build a team. It’s easier to make positive changes in your life, no matter how small or big, by finding a great support system to hold you accountable. Everyone likes telling others where they are falling short. We all like playing boss once in a while. It’s an ego boost. You may find yourself motivated by motivating others. If that’s what it takes to stick to something then by all means, find yourself a friend that you can hold accountable for something and vise-versa. You are more prone to workout if your friend shows up to your house whether or not you are tired or sore. The workouts will go quicker with a good conversation versus jogging alone. Diets are easier to follow when you have a friend to dine with. No matter what your new year resolution is, find a friend that will join you on your journey this year and you will both hold on to the intent all year long.

Every new year is another chance to set a new intention but remember that you have all year to do it, so take your time, take the pressure off, set realistic goals, and enjoy the transformation process. It only takes a moment for everything to change, but it takes practice to stay happy within the change that is made. Be compassionate, patient, and love yourself. Make small steps, and small changes daily for long-term results and be grateful for the opportunity to change those things that no longer serve you. Every day is another chance to change.

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