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Hi Wayne

I recently started a weight loss program two weeks ago with LA weight loss centers. Along with it I exercise everyday, morning and evening. I have been doing Denise Austin’s Fat Burning Blast VHS in the morning after breakfast along with Winsor Pilates 20 minute workout DVD for body sculpting. Then at about 5:00 PM, an hour before I eat dinner, I do Denise Austin’s Fat Burning Blast and Circuit Training (with weights) which is 3 minutes of hard core aerobics following 1 minute of toning with the weights, repeating this about 5 times. After that, I do the Winsor Pilates 20 minute workout again. I already lost 7 1/2 lbs. Do you think I’m exercising a little too much? Do you think I’m exercising correctly to burn the fat? I want to burn especially my midsection, since my body type is endomorph and I have never exercised this much my entire life!   M H US





What can I do to tone up my flabby arms?

I am 37 and I work out regularly!


As we age, our skin loses elasticity and becomes less able to support the natural layer of fat underneath it. This causes the fat to drop, giving the appearance of jowls in the face, and flabby underarms. While you can’t do anything to dramatically alter the elasticity of the skin, you can train to get your arms as lean as possible, which would decrease the amount of hanging fat, and tone the muscle underneath the fat layers. Maybe doing lots of low-medium intensity cardiovascular exercise of 30-60 minutes, three times a week might help to burn away the fat from under the arms. Also, cutting out refined or high glycemic index carbohydrates and saturated fats. Train the triceps muscle by doing dumbbell exercises like tricep extensions for sets of ten repetitions.





Is whole grain bread less fattening than white bread?


No not really, they both contain about the same calories. Whole grain bread contains more fibre so eating it more often can help us consume less calories because it helps fill the stomach quicker. The result is we end up eating less total bread.

Another important point, eating foods high in fibre helps speed up the movement through the digestive tract, there is less time for fatty acids to be absorbed before it is eliminated resulting in less calories absorbed.




I’m finding it hard to give up sweet things for snacks. I would like to know how to go about ignoring my craving for sweet and fattening snacks like chocolate, biscuits, etc?

The carbohydrates (sugars) in chocolates, sweets, etc is so refined that its absorbed rapidly into our blood stream. Blood sugar levels quickly rise so the pancreas releases more insulin to compensate. What happens with most people is the insulin released causes blood sugar levels to lower further than required. When blood sugar levels are low signals are sent to the brain telling us we need more carbohydrates (sugar) thus we crave for sweet products. If we eat another sugar-loaded product the cycle starts again.

To help reduce the craving you could disguise the carbs by eating a high-protein (glass of milk, yogurt, cheese, etc) food along with the snack. This helps slow the absorption of the sugar limiting the release of insulin. However I wouldn’t really recommend this too much as apart from the taste it means you’ll still be consuming the high-sugar / high-calorie products and if your trying to lose weight it wont help.

Having a good high-fibre breakfast with plenty of protein every morning helps keep energy levels steady throughout the day and may stop mid-morning craving. A “no added sugar” high-fibre cereal may be a good choice, the calories will be low and the high-quality protein from the milk helps slow sugar absorption. If you work you could try taking sandwiches, preferably salad or something low-calorie and light or if you have meals opt for more vegetables. Choosing the low-fat options will help for a few weeks as you may still treat yourself occasionally to say half chocolate bar but only after your lunch, but remembering to keep sugar levels under control to stop craving.







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