Help avoiding getting out of shape



Avoid getting out of Shape


It should be one of the laws of nature: it takes half the time to get out of shape as it does to get back into shape. Getting out of shape can happen before you know it, and then it seems that you have to work twice as hard as you did before to get back into fighting form! But you don’t have to lose all of the progress you have made just because you can’t be the poster child for diet and exercise all the time!

The reasons for getting out of shape are numerous:

  • There’s no time to get to the gym

  • Meal times are too stressful

  • Work is demanding too much of your time

  • Family obligations


What many people seem to forget is that when you eat right and exercise regularly, your body and mind have the fuel they need to deal with the stress of everyday life. You are avoiding many potentially critical health problems, and your body looks and feels great! So how do you avoid getting out of shape? Stick with a fitness program and healthy diet!


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