How to Get Rid of Back Fat

There aren’t a lot of people out there hoping to put on fat. And even assuming they were, they would not get to have even the slightest bit of say over where the fat ended up in their bodies. Things like a person’s gender and certain genetic factors decide where body fat is stored in every individual, and that’s why some of us have that dreaded fat back to contend with.

Hard time getting rid of back fat? You’re not alone

Most people who gain body fat on their backs usually get it on their lower backs, right above the buttocks. This is an extension of those dreaded love handles and can be unsightly and inconvenient. More than anything, though, it’s very hard to lose the fat once you’ve gained it.

Unfortunately for those of you seeking a quick, immediate way to lose weight, there is no method outside of liposuction that will take the fat away from the back in a hurry. The myth about spot reduction is just a waste of time if you’re aiming to lose fat solely from that one area (although exercising any part of the body is certainly a good thing).

The best you’re going to do here is get on a diet/exercise plan that allows you to shed fat from your entire body. In the meantime, you can do some serious working out on that targeted area to get those muscles built up. When you start to lose the fat and start to build the muscle, everything meets in the middle in a beautiful mix called toned definition.

Whether it’s built up around your lower back, around your neck and shoulders, or spread out all over, what we’re aiming to do here is to get a on a plan that allows us to burn off fat from our bodies while focusing our exercising efforts a little more intensely on our back muscles.

Exercises to help you with back fat


Getting on a solid aerobic plan is a great way to burn off that fat. Aerobics certainly expend a lot of energy. And while they’re not focused on building muscle, per se, they will definitely boost your metabolism, expend plenty of energy, and start to burn off that stubborn fat from all over your body when used in conjunction with a healthy and responsible diet regimen.

Arm and Leg Lifts

This exercise is great for working a lot of the muscles in your back, helping them to become tones and defined. You do these lifts by lying flat on your stomach with your legs straight and arms extended over your head. Next, raise up your right arm and left leg (or vice versa) until your chest and hip are about to lift off the ground. Slowly bring your limbs up, slowly let them down, and repeat with the opposite side.


Rows are another great exercise you may want to do in order to strengthen and tone your back. To complete these rows, simply stand beside a sturdy chair and place one hand on the seat for support. Next, bend forward slightly while keeping your tummy sucked in and back parallel with the floor. Grab a weight (whatever you can handle) and hold it straight off the ground with your free hand. Next, bring the weight into your chest like a sideways bicep curl.

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