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  • never nibble between meals, if you feel you need to
    then make up a fruit or vegetable mix in a bowl and keep in the

  • try not to buy many “goodies” when shopping to help
    this don’t food shop when you are hungry

  • eat food slowly this has the effect of making you
    feel satisfied sooner helping to consume less food and

  • eat a well balanced
    and help maintain health and energy levels to enable you
    to exercise with more vigour

  • try experimenting with recipes using natural ingredients, herbs and
    spices you may be surprised at the difference it can

  • try to eat your main meal in the middle of the day
    and your last meal or snack should be light in calories and be small portion

  • if you must indulge occasionally then do so after an
    exercise session but try not to make it an excuse to overindulge
    every time you have exercised

  • reduce your intake
    of refined sugar
    and refined flour products   – –
    check labels if unsure, substitute
    these for wholemeal and wholegrain products

  • limit use of sauces, dressings and

  • consume more

  • avoid frying foods, bake, boil or



You will NOT lose a lot of excess fat weight
if you don’t Increase your
before lowering your calorie intake. Even a
slight increase in your metabolic rate will speed up fat loss
over many months without strict dieting. There are many
factors that can
change the metabolism
rate, Click here to read more about

  • try to cook without adding butter, margarine or

  • select only the leanest cuts of meat and keep meat portions

  • try not to consume more than three eggs per week

  • buy tinned fruit in its natural juice rather than in

  • always start the day with a good breakfast this may help
    stop any cravings between meals and will give you more

  • make use of alternatives like cottage cheese rather
    than hard cheese, herbs rather
    than rich sauces on meats and herbs and spices rather than
    dressings, oils, etc

  • when buying soft drinks choose low calorie ones or unsweetened fruit juices
    diluted with water

  • remember alcohol
    contains lots of calories
    use in moderation or preferably cut
    out until you reach your goal

  • try reducing your
    calorie intake
    by 500 per day to begin with

  • be realistic with your goals, use short – term,
    easy reachable goals to help you
    progress to the long
    -term goal

  • talk to close friends and family about your plans
    they will probably want to help and encourage you, the support can
    be helpful

  • keep a food dairy and record calories and fat intake if possible

  • remember a positive
    lifestyle change
    rather than a specific crash diet is the result of
    success in weight control

  • exercise carefully and lightly to start you can
    build up the pace as you progress through each workout

  • do not rely on weighing scales to monitor your progress, instead
    try the fit of your clothes as
    a guide or look in the mirror

  • remember to try to be positive and don’t worry if
    you falter occasionally, you’re only human after

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