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Practical Problems To Healthy Eating



With the fast-paced life that most of us lead, especially those in the urban cities, eating out is not necessarily out of choice but sometimes a compulsion. In such a scenario, healthy eating becomes secondary. Fast food is an easier option. Despite knowing that eating a wholesome meal is half the battle won against many diseases, a lot of us eat whatever is available at our disposal. A common misconception is that health food is bland and sometimes, even tasteless. While there are ways to make the food taste better, there are other practical considerations about eating healthy food, consistently.

Healthy eating is not just about using lower quantity of saturated fats, but also consuming products that are rich in vitamins and minerals. There are a number of groceries that stock up on only organic products. If you stay somewhere close to a farm, then you could get your supplies of vegetables and fruits from there. You will have to look for food grown in soil that’s free from pesticides and is nutrient rich. These food items could be expensive because generally the produce from such fields is low. But you could buy non-perishable items in bulk as it could work out to be cheaper.

Consuming locally grown produce is not only good for you, but also for the environment. If you find it difficult to find a local farmer’s market, then you could be a part of an agriculture group that’s supported by your community. The food items are tastier and since the produce reaches you over a shorter span of time, it’s also healthy. However, it could be difficult to do this if there are no Community Supported Agriculture Groups in your neighborhood. Alternatively you would have to look for farmers who grow food the healthy way and just ask him to send you a carton of fresh products regularly.

One common question that people worry about is if healthy eating options are easily available. You must try to get your nutrients from different sources. This way you maintain a balance and also have variety. But this may not always be possible as wholesome food items are not always offered in your neighborhood super market. You must make a list of food supplies that you would need and know what products to avoid. You could check out online stores to see if they have those exotic herbs to make your Italian cuisine smell and feel authentic. Sourcing ingredients to ensure that you eat healthy always, could be a major issue.


It’s relatively easier for you to cook whatever you would like to while you’re home. However, if your job involves a lot of travelling then healthy-eating-on-the-go could become a little difficult. Even though there are restaurants that cater to the health conscious, you may not always have such bistros or cafes in all the cities. Such restaurants are niche and hence their accessibility at any time of the day could be an issue.

Sometimes, cooking healthy foods is time consuming. When you are hard-pressed for time, this may not be a very convenient option for you. Meals have to be prepared from scratch. Canned food items that are high on preservatives are a no-no if you would like to go all out and make a healthy meal. However, stores have breads and desserts that are made the traditional way thus ensuring that they are still high on nutrients. You could also make some of these food items when you are at leisure and store them for later use. Snacks, quick eats, and appetizers that are low on fat and sugar and high on proteins could be made. Pickles could be prepared with less salt. Home-made syrups, jams, and squashes are low on white refined sugar.

Healthy food items generally don’t contain additives such as preservatives and flavoring agents. This could make the food perish sooner. Only legumes, dried fruits and nuts, and some types of fish could be stored for sometime. Since these products don’t contain colorants, they could appear less appealing to your kids. Hence, you would have to think of innovative ways to present the food and make it look appetizing. Involve the entire family, especially kids to ensure that your nutritious products are finished off.

If you decide to have friends and relatives over for dinner, you could still cook healthy food for them. Because you are cooking for a larger crowd, you would have to take care to ensure that you don’t compromise on the nutrient value of the ingredients. Start early since conventional cooking could take a slightly longer duration. You may have to decide on the menu earlier if you would like to cook healthy food; you cannot put a pizza that you have just bought at a store into the oven and then pass it off as a nutritious meal. You cannot wait until the last minute. Cooking healthy food requires some extra time and effort, if you are having a party.

Making healthy food could be a little daunting if you have a demanding schedule. But with sufficient practice and over a period of time, you will master the art of cooking healthy food even at short notice. There are online forums where you could get nutritious recipes and tips to make healthy eating less challenging. Cookbooks that aim at making healthy food items quickly and with minimal effort are also available. You could even sign up for cooking classes and learn to make healthy food items.

Switching to healthy eating would take time especially if you are used to just grabbing a quick grub at the local deli. You must ensure that you don’t starve yourself and keep healthy snacks even at your workplace. It takes a lot of determination to not eat at the office cafeteria and instead pack your own lunch from home. If you have to eat out, look for restaurants and eateries that have enough options for you. Ask for a steamed or roasted preparation instead of something that’s deep fried. Get smaller portions and ensure that all the good work you have done by eating healthy throughout the week isn’t lost because of your one greasy meal at the pizzeria.





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