Healthy Uses for Lemons that Will Blow Your Mind

We all know that lemons are a fantastic source of Vitamin C – the immunity boosting nutrient that also fights cholesterol and keeps our skin looking beautiful. But, do you know what else lemons can do? They are a fascinating little citrus fruit, and they have many uses that you would never have dreamed of!

  • Blood Pressure Control — Lemons are loaded with potassium, which helps to remove water from the muscles and eliminate it. Without enough potassium, your muscles and bloodstream would retain water – leading to high blood pressure. Lemons will help you to keep your blood pressure under control – doing your heart a huge favor!
  • Mental Boosting — Did you know that lemons will help to improve your mood? The scent of the lemon oil has been proven to help you feel better and more positive, though scientists are baffled as to why it works. It can help to counter depression, and it will even reduce the effects of stress.
  • Lung Aid –-Are your lungs full of phlegm? If you’ve got a bad cough or chest cold, it may be time to drink a bit of warm lemon water. The lemon will cut the phlegm, making it easier for you to breathe without coughing up a lung each time. It will even help to counter the effects of asthma!
  • Body Flushing –– There’s a very genuine reason that the Master Cleanse is so popular, and it’s simply because it works as a powerful body flush! Lemon is a diuretic, meaning that it promotes urination. When your body produces more urine, it has to eliminate it – along with all of the toxins and the bacteria that your body adds into your urine for excretion.
  • Joint Booster –– Did you know that excess uric acid in your body can lead to serious joint problems? Too much of this acid can cause gout crystals to form, and those crystals feel like glass between your joints. The diuretic effects of lemon will help to flush all this uric acid out of your body, and will even help to improve your joints.
  • Stop Kidney Stones –– When you have that refreshing cup of lemonade (sans sugar, of course), you are filling your body with nutrients that will promote a healthy increase in urinary citrate production. Urinary citrate is a chemical that is naturally found in urine, and it’s what stops your body from producing the crystals that grow into kidney stones.
  • Fight Aging and Cancer –– Lemon is loaded with Vitamin C – one of the nutrients that will help to protect your skin and keep it from aging. It’s also an antioxidant, meaning it will stop free radicals in their tracks! Lemons can also fight age spots, sun spots, and pigmentation on your skin.
  • Disinfectant –– Want to be very sure that those veggies are clean, but don’t want to use chemicals? Squeeze a bit of lemon into a spray bottle, and spray the veggies with lemon water. Lemon is a powerful antibacterial, and it will help to get rid of all the pesky things living on the peels and rinds of your food.
  • Throat Infection Cure –– Got a bad throat infection? Mix lemon and warm water, and add a bit of salt into the cup. Gargle that for a minute or so, and let the lemon and salt combination get rid of the bacteria causing the infection.
  • Lettuce De-Sogger — Is your lettuce looking soggy and wilted? Don’t throw it into the trash just yet, but run it under cold water for a few minutes. Squeeze a lemon into the bowl with the lettuce and water, and put it in the fridge for an hour. Once you take it out, it will be fresh and ready to crunch down on!

Wow, lemons truly are one of the most versatile fruits on the planet!


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