High Calorie Foods – Delicious & Bad for You

Why is it that all the food that tastes so delicious just HAS to be terrible for your health? High calorie foods are usually the best-tasting, most flavorful ones, meaning they’re the worst for your diet.

Take a look at this list below, and you’ll see that most of your favorite (less than healthy) foods are on the list:

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But not all high calorie foods are created equal! In fact, some of these foods are WORSE for you than others:

French Fries — French fries may be darned tasty, but they’re one of the least healthy options on this list. First off, most French fries are made from processed potatoes, so they contain almost no nutritional value for all the calories you get. Then there’s the deep-frying process, which fills them with trans fats–terrible for your health.

Doughnuts — There’s nothing like a nice glazed donut to start the morning, but sadly, it’s a no-no! Donuts are made with lots of sugar, not to mention plenty of refined white flour. They’re then deep-friend and packed with even more sugar. Sugar and refined flour are two of the worst things for your health, so donuts are a no-no!

Hot Dog — While hot dogs may SEEM alright, the truth is that they’re definitely not a healthy option. The term “mystery meat” usually refers to hot dogs, specifically to the combination of odd, unspecified “meat products” that are thrown into the grinder and used to make the hot dogs. After that, the hot dogs are pumped full of chemicals to mask bad tastes and prevent spoiling. It’s a low-quality chemical cocktail that can do serious harm in the long run.

Candy Bar — A King Size candy bar is terrible, but even a regular size candy bar can be terrible for your health. A single candy bar has no less than 200 calories, and that’s almost entirely sugar and fat. These candy bars contain very little in the way of nutrition, as all of the antioxidants have been refined out of the chocolate.

Puff Pastry — Yes, a bit of puff pastry (like all pastries) can be wonderfully delicious, but how healthy do you think they really are? Made with a lot of refined flour, butter, sugar, and artificial ingredients, puff pastry contains ZERO nutritional value and A LOT of calories (500 in just 100 grams of the stuff). You’ll be literally putting garbage into your body every time you take a bite of puff pastry.

Thousand Island Dressing — Salad dressings can be a pretty unhealthy proposition, thanks to the chemical sweeteners, flavorings, and preservatives used in their preparation. Thousand Island Dressing is one of the absolute worst! It contains a lot of mayonnaise (usually made with plenty of trans fats), as well as ketchup (a source of way too much sugar). You’d be healthier eating a spoonful of full fat cream instead of a serving of Thousand Island Dressing!

Rolls/Scones/Biscuits — Sausage rolls are the only food of its type on the list, but there are LOTS more varieties that you’d do well to stay away from. Any “instant” biscuit, scone, or roll mixes are going to be very user-friendly, but utterly terrible for your health. They tend to contain a lot of chemicals, no nutrition, and A LOT of calories. The fact that they’re instant is usually a pretty good indication that you should stay well away from them! Any “instant” food has had most of its nutrition leeched out, leaving only the calories and the chemicals.


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