10 High Protein Cheap Foods

If you’re privy to the value of a high protein diet for weight loss, you may be finding yourself in search of high protein cheap foods. Sometimes it can feel as though eating right costs a lot of money when a fast food double cheeseburger is $1 and a carton of blueberries is $4 or more. But thankfully, there are plenty of great sources of cheap, high protein foods to keep your waistline and budget under control.

Here are ten high protein cheap foods to help keep your weight loss and personal finance goals aligned:

1. Beans. Love them or hate them, beans are an outstanding cheap source of protein and are a vegetarian bodybuilding cornerstone. With so many varieties and preparation methods to choose from, beans offer something to nearly everyone. One 28 ounce can of baked beans costs $0.99 and contains nearly 30 grams of protein!

Cost per 20 grams of protein: $0.67

2. Canned Tuna. Every broke weight-lifter in the world has a few cans of tuna in their pantry. That’s because canned tuna is a perennial all-star in the category of high protein cheap foods. And with so many ways to prepare, you’ll be hard-pressed to ever get sick of eating canned tuna. Just be sure to limit your intake since canned tuna is high in mercury. One can a week is a safe maximum.

Cost per 20 grams of protein: $0.53

3. Whey Protein. Another essential for anyone on a budget-conscious, high protein diet is whey protein powder. A two pound container of whey protein offers 71 servings each with 24 grams of protein for just $21.20. Do the math. That’s one great cheap source of protein!

Cost per 20 grams of protein: $0.25

4. Peanut Butter. One 18 ounce container of peanut butter contains 108 grams of protein. Stock up next time you see peanut butter on sale to score generic-brand containers for just $2. Be sure, however, to target “natural” peanut butters that have no added sugars or oils. There should only be one ingredient: peanuts (and maybe salt).

Cost per 20 grams of protein: $0.37

5. Eggs. One large egg has seven grams of protein making them a wonderful addition to an affordable, balanced breakfast.

Cost per 20 grams of protein: $0.42

6. Frozen Chicken. A great cheap source of protein can be found in your grocer’s freezer section. Here, you’ll find bags of frozen chicken breasts. A 2.25 pound bag contains 9 chicken breasts each with an average amount of protein of 23 grams.

Cost per 20 grams of protein: $0.48

7. Cottage Cheese. Cottage cheese not only rates as a food healthier than you realize but also as a high protein cheap food. The slow-digesting nature of cottage cheese makes it a great choice for a bedtime snack to fuel muscle growth while you sleep.

Cost per 20 grams of protein: $1.10

8. Low-fat Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt offers about 60% more protein than regular yogurt. Mix in some of your favorite fruit to boost the health benefits of this snack.

Cost per 20 grams of protein: $0.96

9. Milk. One gallon of milk contains 128 grams of protein. Opt for skim milk and there is only 80 calories per cup with 8 grams of protein. Milk makes for a great, cheap high protein snack for between meals.

Cost per 20 grams of protein: $0.63

10. Sardines. How open-minded are you about eating sardines? Did you know they are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids and protein? Sardines are a wonderful, healthy snack and can be extremely affordable.

Cost per 20 grams of protein: $2.24

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