High Protein No Egg Breakfasts

There’s nothing like a plate of bacon and eggs to kick your day off right! Few breakfasts can be as satisfying or filling, but what do you do when you don’t have eggs in the house? How do you do breakfast right? Here are a few high protein no egg breakfasts to consider:

High Protein Yoghurt Parfait

What could be better than starting your day off with something sweet and rich? Yoghurt parfait is a simply wicked combination of fruit and yoghurt, one that will pack a punch of protein, calcium, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. To make it a high protein parfait, simply mix in some protein powder–either flavorless or vanilla-flavored. Either way, the addition of the protein powder (preferably slow-burning casein) will give you a steady burn of amino acids all day long.

Nutty Oatmeal

Nuts are a great source of protein, along with healthy fats, minerals, and fiber. Add a handful of your favorite nuts (either pecans or almonds are ideal) into a bowl of oatmeal, cooked with a splash of milk and a few drops of honey (sweet, but not too sweet). If you want to spice things up, drop in a bit of cinnamon and a handful of dried cranberries. This is a breakfast food that will keep you going for hours, and it’s GREAT for your digestion!

Muscle Gruel

This may not sound too appetizing, but you’ll get used to it very quickly. Basically, you mix up portions of hemp seeds, chia seeds, sprouted grain cereal, and almonds with a bit of kefir, with a splash of water to make things easier to eat. It’s a thick concoction, but it’s loaded with protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins–everything your body needs to stay strong all through the day.

Protein Pancakes

What could be better than a hefty stack of pancakes for breakfast? If you make pancakes using buckwheat instead of white flour, you get a protein, fiber, and mineral infusion that no white or whole wheat flour could give you. Add in a scoop of your favorite protein powder–chocolate gives your pancakes a nice flavor, but vanilla is easy to blend. Go easy on the sugar or syrup when devouring those pancakes, and top with fruit and Greek yogurt for a nutrient punch. Definitely a good way to start the day!

High Protein Bagels

Bagels may not be the best option for your day, considering how many calories they have and how little nourishment they provide. However, if you top the bagel with the right ingredients, you can make it a healthy, high protein option! First off, always choose the whole wheat or sprouted grain, as that’s the best way to balance out your carbs with a bit of fiber. Then, top it with low fat cream cheese, and add plenty of smoked salmon on top. The fish is an amazing source of protein, but it also delivers an Omega-3 punch. All in all, it’s a fairly healthy breakfast that will keep you full for hours!

Super Breakfast Shake

There’s nothing quite like a protein shake to deliver all the amino acids you need for your day. Start off with the base: milk, yogurt, or water will do nicely. Add in a scoop of your favorite protein powder, either chocolate or vanilla flavored. After that, it’s time to drop in a handful of raw steel cut oats, a few pieces of fruit (berries are the best), and a spoonful of peanut butter. The result: one heck of a power-packed breakfast shake that will keep you going all day long.

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