Holiday Buffets Don’t Have to Make you Fat

Most of us end up at parties, get-togethers or other events around the holiday season, wherein we find a huge spread of food, all laid out pretty like a buffet. What results next is something that should be in Ripley’s believe it or not, as even the most strong-willed among us load our plates up and shovel food into our faces like someone’s trying to steal it.

This results in eating far too much and inevitably contributes to our waistline. There is some good news in all of this, though – with a little bit of focus and due diligence, holiday buffets don’t have to make you fat. In fact, you can still enjoy all those tasty treats without gaining any weight.

How to Navigate those Fattening Holiday Buffet Spreads

Wait to Eat

Whether you’re going to an office party, a friend’s gathering or to grandma’s house, don’t lunge at the buffet table when you get there. In fact, place food out of your mind for at least ten minutes. First, take time to socialize with everyone. This will give you the needed will power to know that you do not have to eat – you’ll realize that you don’t “need” to dive into that food.

Look before you Leap

Gather your thoughts and look at everyone else at the buffet table. You’ll probably notice that they’re shoveling food onto their plates with reckless abandon. Well, don’t blend in with the crowd. Look at the table offerings and decide what you really want and what you can do without. This simple step will surprisingly help you eliminate a few hundred calories from your meal.

Size Matters

Most holiday buffets are going to have varying plate sizes. Don’t grab the serving platter-sized plate. Instead, grab the smallest plate you can find. Even a smaller dessert plate will hold more than enough food to satisfy even the greediest appetite. This is an easy way to manage your portion sizes.

Avoid Returning

Sit far away from the buffet table so that it’s not tempting you. Holiday buffets don’t have to make you fat, sure, but they will if you keep going back! Eat slowly, chew your food well, and if you’re still feeling hungry after the buffet, drink a large glass of water and rest for 20 minutes.

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