How the Calories In Calories Out Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

The Calories In Calories Out Diet—also known as the CICO Diet—has been growing in popularity in recent months, particularly on websites like Reddit where people are searching for new and better ways to lose weight. The concept is the diet is simple, but many people aren’t certain whether it’s a diet that will work to promote weight loss the healthy way. Below, we’ll take a thorough look at the Calories In Calories Out Diet to help you know if it’s the right choice for you!

What is the Calories In Calories Out Diet?

The CICO diet is built around a simple concept: as long as there are fewer calories in than calories out, you’re on the right track to weight loss. Your body burns calories for all the basic functions of survival—everything from breathing to brain functions to digestion to keeping your heart pumping—as well as consuming energy for your exercise. The goal of the CICO Diet is to ensure that you are burning more calories (through your daily life and basic vital functions) than you are eating. As long as you do that, your body should pull stored calories (body fat) and use them to make up for the caloric deficit. Simple and easy to understand!

The Benefits of the CICO Diet

One of the great things about the CICO Diet is that it emphasizes moderation in your calorie consumption. As long as you are eating fewer calories than your body needs, you should be able to burn fat and lose weight. This means you will have to be aware of what you’re eating and in what quantities, which will ensure that you’re not overdoing it on the food intake. In our modern society, a diet that encourages moderation in calorie consumption is definitely a good one!

The Dangers of the CICO Diet

However, as many of the Reddit user who talk about the diet say, it doesn’t matter WHAT you eat, only HOW MUCH. If you’re not worried about what you put in your body but only the quantity, you may end up eating a lot of very processed, very unhealthy food. For example, let’s say you know your daily food intake needs to be under 2000 calories. A slice of pepperoni pizza contains around 200 calories, which means you can eat 9 slices of pizza and still have a 200 calorie deficit. According to the CICO Diet, that should be enough to encourage weight loss.  Even if that is the case, you’ve got to ask yourself: with a diet like that, can you really be healthy?

Quality Absolutely Matters

When it comes to weight loss—and your overall health—the quality of what you eat absolutely makes a difference! High-fat, high-carb, and highly processed foods may still allow for some weight loss, but nowhere near as much as you’d get on a diet rich in lean proteins, whole grains, legumes, and fruits and veggies. If you’re going to try to lose weight, the best way to actually get results is by eating healthy and moderating your food intake.

Being Smart on the CICO Diet

The key to following a healthy diet is to balance both quantity and quality. On the CICO Diet, you can lose weight by making sure that the calories you burn are more than the calories you consume. You do that by doing more activity and eating less, but you can also do that by eating healthier, lower-calorie foods. Cut back on the empty calories and make sure you’re putting only high quality food in your body, and you’ll see those results you want!

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