How to Avoid Skipping Workouts

We all get tired and have a hard time getting to the gym—it’s just a part of being busy people! However, skipping your daily gym session means you’re not burning calories, so all you’re doing is consuming and storing fat. Definitely not what you want! Instead, it’s important to beat the “I’m tired and stressed” blues to get your training in. Check out these tips on how to avoid skipping workouts:

Do It First Thing

If you can, fit it into your day first thing in the morning, before your mind has time to come up with excuses and reasons why you can’t do it. The minute your alarm clock rings, roll out of bed and hit the gym, track, or training course. Morning workouts boost your metabolism for hours and can help you to be more active and energized throughout the day.

Get Family Involved

When your family knows about your fitness and workout routine, they’ll be able to help you when they see you’re NOT getting in the workout. They’ll know you should be at the gym at a certain time, so they will say something if they see you out and about or at your desk during training hours.

Update Your Playlist

Music can make a huge difference to your workout! Upbeat, up-tempo, and driving music can increase your motivation while decreasing your perception of effort. If you want to push yourself harder, make sure your playlist is up to date with all your favorite fast-paced songs. No matter what style you like—pop, hip hop, rap, reggaeton, or electronic music—there will always be music that keeps things pumping!

Go Out

After hours spent cooped up indoors at your day job, it may feel odd to head back indoors for a gym workout. Who says you have to stay indoors? Instead, why not head to your nearest park, outdoor gym, hiking trail, or running track to enjoy fresh air with your exercise? You may find that being outdoors is all the motivation you need to keep working out, and you’ll feel rejuvenated once you finish.

Find a Buddy

Get a friend to work out with you, or make friends at the gym to work out with. Having a partner to train with will boost your motivation and keep you accountable for the workouts. Not only will you have to show up, but you can push each other to your limits during the workout. A training partner can make a huge difference!

Attend a Boot Camp

The military-style bootcamp workouts have been proven highly effective thanks to the fact that they encourage you to work together with others to “survive” the intense training. Though it may not be your idea of a fun weekend, hitting a weekend bootcamp can be a great way to kick your fitness up a notch.

Make it a Competition

While too much competitiveness can lead to injuries, a bit of competitive spirit can make a huge difference in your workout. Many CrossFitters see more visible gains in their strength and fitness because they’re always competing, either against their previous best time or someone else at the Box. You can turn your workout into a competition to see how quickly and efficiently you can make it through the session.

Make Gym Time TV Time

If you’re trying to watch a TV show, set a rule that you can ONLY watch that show while you’re exercising (on the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike). You’ll spend hours training just so you can enjoy a bit of binge watching!

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