How to Burn Thigh Fat Fast

Like I said, there isn’t really any way to burn thigh fat fast without burning fat all over your body. You might be one of those people who simply put on weight in their thighs and bum faster than in other areas. If so, that just means you’ll have to pursue an aggressive diet and exercise routine in order to get those problem areas in shape.

But if you really want to burn thigh fat fast, then here are six things you need to make a part of your daily life in order to achieve your goal:

1) Be more active. Make it a resolution to walk instead of driving or taking the bus. If you need something from the store, go out and take a walk. If it’s raining, take an umbrella. If it’s snowing put on some boots – there is no excuse! Getting your exercise levels up, even by walking a few times a day, is the first step to getting rid of thigh fat. This is especially important if you don’t feel that you are fit or healthy enough to engage in regular cardiovascular exercise.

2) If you work in a sedentary job, like at a desk, make a point of getting up every hour to walk around for five minutes. Walk up and down stairs if possible, or do some squats. The more muscle you build around your thighs, the more you’ll be able to exercise, and the faster you will be able to burn thigh fat.

3) Take a dance class. No kidding. Dancing is a great cardiovascular workout, especially things like salsa dancing. Find a partner or go alone – lots of people do! Dance while you’re cooking, doing the ironing or watching TV. You’ll build muscle and burn calories, helping you to burn thigh fat fast. To improve your muscle tone of your calves and thighs, wear heels when dancing!

4) Forget going to gym by yourself – join an exercise class. Water aerobics, Pilates – anything to get your heart rate going and some calories burning. You’ll only burn thigh fat fast if you keep up regular exercise, and the best way to do this is to join a group that’s fun and entertaining, as well as a good workout. If you try go to gym by yourself, the statistics show you’ll give up after a few sessions.

5) Give in to advertising, and buy yourself an exercise machine. Try go for something that is inexpensive and simple to use, rather than the complicated home gyms you see for hundreds of dollars. It may sit in the garage unused, but there’s a chance you’ll make it part of your daily routine. Try go for a tried-and-tested piece of equipment, rather than the newest fad machine if you want to burn thigh fat fast.

6) Lastly, take up walking. There’s no excuse not to go for a good walk every day if you have full use of both your legs. Try to enlist a partner with similar weight loss goals. Walking up hills is a great way to build thigh muscle and help to burn thigh fat fast. If you can, park further away from work or school, and walk the extra ten minutes. You’ll be reaping the benefit in just a few weeks!

There’s a great video above of some good thigh exercises to get you started and help you to burn thigh fat fast.

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