How to Control Your Hunger

One of the most frustrating dilemmas we face in our battle of the bulge is how to control hunger. But it’s not necessary to suffer through the pain and annoyance of a growling stomach while dropping those unwanted pounds. Simply add these top three tips to control hunger into your daily routine to reduce that gnawing rumble in your tummy without adding to your waistline.

Start Eating More Fiber

One of the best ways to control hunger is to load up on soluble fiber. Studies have also shown that soluble fiber reduces the risk of diabetes, certain types of cancer, stroke, obesity and gastrointestinal disorders. Fiber is essential for providing bulk for your bodily waste and keeping your intestines clean. Unfortunately, the American diet tends to be terribly deficient in this important nutrient. While a few foods such as citrus fruits, beans, barley, legumes, oat bran and oatmeal provide soluble fiber sources from your diet, these foods are also high in carbohydrates such as sugar and starch, which contribute to your weight gain.

Choose Low Calorie Fiber

Glucomannan which is derived from the konjac root, is a pure soluble fiber with no calories. Shirataki noodles are a great source of glucomannan, and are extremely low in calories, carbohydrates and sugar. Additionally, they have the added benefit of being gluten free, which is great news for people with gluten intolerance. While the noodles don’t have any taste in and of themselves, they do take on the flavor of whatever they are prepared with while replacing high calorie counterparts such as rice or potatoes. Shirataki noodles will help you control hunger effortlessly. These noodles can be found at most Oriental markets and health food stores. As these noodles increase in popularity, they are becoming more common place on general grocery store shelves.

Increase Your Water Intake

Water is God’s gift when it comes to the need to control hunger. It is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of drinking enough water. The first sign of dehydration is thirst, but when we are thirsty we often reach for high calorie soft drinks rather than water. Moreover, thirst is often mistaken for hunger. If you seem to lack energy between meals, don’t reach for a snack or high calorie drink. Instead, simply drink a full 8 ounce glass of water. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your hunger goes away. Additionally, it is beneficial to drink a glass of water before each meal and snack. You will fill up on water reducing the amount of food you eat.

Reduce the Sugar in Your Diet

Sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup, may satisfy you for a moment, but they lead to large peaks and then crashes in blood sugar that sabotage your efforts to control hunger. Try eating more complex carbohydrates and proteins instead. For example, grilled chicken with broccoli and a salad will give you less of that blood sugar swing while providing far more nutrition than a typical American meal of a hamburger and french fries. You will also feel full longer and control hunger better by eating healthier food choices.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is rich in health supporting anti-oxidants and it is known to help control hunger. Many people experience a decrease in their appetites after they started sipping on green tea throughout the day. Green tea is low in caffeine and can be purchased in caffeine free varieties. Drink green tea hot or cold and add a twist of lemon for extra flavor.

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