How to Eat Healthier During the Holidays

When you think about healthy eating during the holidays, your mind may turn to tofurkey instead of turkey, rice cakes instead of biscuits, and wheat grass shots instead of sweet tea. But this isn’t Vegan Day International; you don’t have to eat like a bunny to eat healthier during the holidays.

In this article, we’ll talk about a few cooking methods and switch-outs that can leave you eating a lot healthier without having to sacrifice on your favorite dishes or the flavor inside of them.

Main Course

Whether you’re fixing a huge turkey or a prime rib, there are a few cooking and prep methods you can do to ensure you’re cutting down on fat and calories.

The Turkey

Use this same methodology for cooking duck, chicken, lamb, or any other main course protein. Knock out some of the fat, add some good flavors and spices and grill or bake your meat.

Side Dishes

For sides, the idea here is to cut back on the salt, butter and milk/cream. By using substitutes here, you can keep the same flavors without adding calories, you might even find yourself losing weight.

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