How to Eat Healthy On the Go

The pizza restaurant is calling your name and the fast food restaurant looks so inviting with a tasty burger and fries. Even a donut with a coffee sounds delicious at 2PM. This type of eating spells bad news though; you are packing on calories because you are in a rush.

Today’s lifestyle means we are always on the go. To work, to soccer practice with kids, to a party, to the doctor, to the bar, to a meeting, the list goes on and on. Eating healthy and exercising is harder than ever.

We have five tips to make healthy choices when out and about. Don’t fall back into old habits.

Healthy Eating On the Go

    1. Eat Before You Leave Home

If you have any sort of time whatsoever before you head out, make sure to fix yourself a healthy snack. If you’re not hungry, then make a sandwich on whole wheat to take with you. Bring a granola bar, a few pieces of fruit, or even a low fat yogurt.. The best way to eat healthy is to plan for it preemptively.

If you know you are going to be out a while, bring something healthy with you so that you don’t have to stop in and grab something else.

    2. Stop at a Grocery Store

Almost every town or city out there has a grocery store. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of a grocers, stop in there for your eating. Most grocery stores have a deli counter and a salad bar. And if they do not have those options, you can still quickly grab something a lot healthier than stopping off a Quick-Mart. Pick up a few easy to eat fruits, like bananas, oranges, or apples or mini packaged veggies, like carrots.

    3. Ignore the Burger and Fries

If all you can find around is a fast food join, then do not even look at the McDouble with extra cheese. Don’t even dream about the fries. Fast food restaurants offer healthier alternatives these days, so pick up a salad (low on dressing), a chicken sandwich without mayo, a low-fat parfait, or something that’s not fried and not fatty.

    4. Keep a Stash in Your Car

If you’re the type of person constantly on the go, then keeping a box of granola bars, protein bars, dried fruit, etc, handy is a great idea. You can fight back those cravings quickly, and most healthy snacks are packed with fiber, meaning they will fill you up.

    5. Travel Alone

Unless you really need to go out with someone else to handle your business, try traveling alone whenever possible. Having a partner with you is just added temptation to stop in at a restaurant or diner somewhere to eat a big plate of unhealthy food.

Before you pull hair out, take a deep breath and breathe. Take it one step at a time to eat better on the go.

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