How to Eat Slow to Lose Weight

Did you know that eating slow is one of the best ways to lose weight?

Studies have proven that eating slow not only helps you to eat less, but it also helps your stomach digest the food you are eating. It gives your brain time to produce the hormones that signal you are satiated before you are actually FULL, helping you to stop yourself from overeating. Researchers at the Nagoya University in Japan found that eating quickly among middle age men and women often leads to obesity.

Problems with Eating Quickly

What happens when you eat too quickly? Here are a few downsides of stuffing your face:

As you can see, eating fast is going to work AGAINST you. It's in your best interest to slow down your eating and really take time to enjoy the food.

Tips for Eating More Slowly

Here are a few slow eating tips to help you slow down your pace:

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