How to Find the Right Diet Plan

There’s a lot of information out there about what makes the healthiest or most effective diet. Some of it is even conflicting, and some of it will lead you to lose a few pounds and put it all back on again two weeks later.

The truth is that different people respond to different diets in different ways.  The first thing you need to do is to stop thinking of a diet as something that you do for two weeks before going on holiday, and something that you use to change your eating habits and lifestyle into one that is healthier and conducive to your weight loss or fitness goals. This precludes only eating acai berries or celery for a week.

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or you struggle to walk up the stairs instead of taking the escalator there’s a diet out there that’s right for you.  But if your activity levels don’t match your energy intake you’re going to be gaining weight.

Here are a few things to think of before choosing a diet:

  1. You have to like it.
    If your diet only includes foods you eat because you have to, and none of the stuff you enjoy, you’re definitely not on the right diet plan.  You’ll give up out of frustration after a few days, and cave magnificently.  Make sure any diet includes some of the stuff you like, or broadens your taste horizons.
  2. Compile a decent recipe book, or find a good website
    with the types of meals you want to eat as part of your diet.  If you make a list of about ten or fifteen low fat, high protein meals you’ll easily have enough stuff to cook for lunch and dinner for a week or two.  Put in some small variations and you have a proper diet already.
  3. You have to exercise.
    There’s just no way around it, and there are very few diets that will be properly effective if you do not get in about an hour of exercise every other day or so.  Try getting in at least 4 jogging or gym sessions in a week, and make sure that you get up to the level where you can keep your heart beating fast for up to an hour at a time.
  4. You’ll want to do weight training,
    but make sure it’s the right kind.  The rule of thumb is that if you’re trying to tone muscles and improve definition do sets with many reps of lighter weights.  If you’re trying to bulk up do shorter sets with the biggest weights you can lift.
  5. Get to know your body.
    Your most powerful weight loss tool is knowledge.  Try and generate an interest in exercise techniques, nutrition and how burning fat and building muscle works. The more you know about these things the better a position you’ll be in to make the most of your diet plan and exercise schedule.

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