How to Have an Epic Diet Cheat Day

Did you know that doing a diet cheat day can actually help you to do better on your diet? Not only can it help you avoid cheating the rest of the time, but it can replenish the fats and calories your body has depleted over the course of the strict diet. But it’s vital that you do it right! Here’s how to do your diet cheat day the right way:

Cheat Once

Don’t spend a DAY cheating, but make just one meal or snack your “cheat”. Remember, cheat day isn’t an excuse to stuff your face with as much of whatever you want, but it’s a cessation of your diet meant to help you deal with specific food cravings and add a bit more fat and calories to your diet. Make it just one big meal (breakfast or lunch, NEVER dinner), and be very careful with what you allow yourself to cheat with. If you aren’t careful, your cheat day could set you back a few weeks, rendering all of your hard work ineffective.

Plan It

You can’t cheat on a whim, or else that will defeat the purpose of the cheat day. Instead, plan your cheat day according to your schedule. Sunday is a great day for a cheat day, as it helps you to start off your week on the right foot. Plan your cheat day menu at least a week in advance, and make sure you know exactly what you will be eating for your cheating. Make a schedule of what and when you will cheat, and stick with it. If it’s not on the schedule, don’t do it!

Eat Fresh

Just because you’re allowed to cheat, that doesn’t mean you should eat garbage. Quite the opposite, in fact! Your cheat day should involve all freshly made foods, either prepared by you or at a restaurant for you. Make sure to eat food with high quality ingredients, and let the “cheat” be about the fat or calories. For example, if you’re craving a burger, don’t hit up Burger King or McDonalds, but head out to the local quality burger joint. If you want pizza, find a place that makes a proper Italian or Chicago-style pizza. Quality, fresh food ONLY!

Get What You Want

If your body is telling you to drink, have a glass of wine, a couple of light beers, or a low-calorie mixed drink (like a screwdriver). If your body is craving carbs, skip the chips and baked goods and head straight to the pasta, whole wheat bread, or other “healthy” cheat option. If you want to eat something fatty, why not cook up a cheeseburger? Skip the desserts, and make sure that you eat or drink the healthiest possible “cheats”. You have to keep the quality of your cheat day as high as possible!

Drink Up

Yes, it’s cheat day, but that’s no excuse to get dehydrated! Drink plenty of water, and it will help to fill you up without allowing you to overeat. The more water you drink, the less likely you will be to cheat on your cheat day.

Take it Easy

This is a cheat day, but that doesn’t give you license to stuff yourself silly. You should still limit the number of calories you consume, so avoid hitting up the local buffet! Stick with healthy foods as much as possible, and avoid any restaurants that will give you endless amounts of bread, rice, drinks, pasta, or other foods. Basically, stay AWAY from anything that has an “All You Can Eat” sign!

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