How to Incorporate Exercise into Your Diet

Most people give up on their diets because they find it hard to commit to the two-pronged approach of a healthy diet. You not only need to eat correctly, but you also need to exercise correctly.

If you cannot do both and change your lifestyle, then you’re not going to succeed. And as you may already know, changing a lifestyle can be incredibly difficult for some.

In order to ensure that you’re exercising properly, you will need:

  • At least 20 minutes of your day devoted to activity
  • An increased heart rate and revved up metabolism
  • To feel the proverbial “burn,” signaling that you’re working
  • Plenty of sleep to ensure you have the proper energy levels

And this isn’t even touching on types of exercises and activities you could be (should be!) doing. This is only talking about what you need to have a “proper” workout, and that’s why so many fail.

Don’t let this year go the way of last year, take these months to properly incorporate exercise into your daily routine. It’s certainly not a hard thing to do. You just need to know: if you can stay at it for 20 minutes or more, increase your heart rate and metabolic rate, feel the burn, and ramp up your energy levels, then you’re on your way to a leaner, meaner you.

Bringing the Exercise and Diet to You

If you were to take 10 minutes to run an inventory on your life and focus on your daily itinerary, you will find numerous activities you can be doing that will more than qualify as the exercise you need for a healthy life.

Oh, you don’t think so? Well, just take a look at these different activities you could be easily doing without buying one piece of “exercise” equipment or frequenting a gym:

  • Playing volleyball, baseball, basketball, dodgeball, kickball, etc, at the park with your friends, family or even strangers in a pick-up game
  • Washing your car thoroughly by hand without using one of those drive-thru contraptions
  • Taking the time to thoroughly clean your house: dusting appliances, washing windows and dishes, Scotch-guarding the furniture
  • Taking your dog on a tour of the town and really getting out there on an adventure
  • Going fishing and walking the banks to find the best hole
  • Tilling and planting and/or maintaining your garden for 40 minutes or more
  • Mowing the lawn with a push mower instead of one of those riding mowers (throw in some weed-eating)
  • Going out dancing with your significant other or at a club to hopefully meet one
  • Riding your bike around town until you log 5 miles
  • Going swimming for more than 30 minutes at a lake, pond, pool, the beach, etc
  • Shoveling your car—and your neighbor’s car.—out when it snows
  • Walking up and down the stairs a few times to get a great workout

There are countless ways to introduce more activity in your life, and they all have one thing in common: they’re easy.

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