How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

It seems like it happens every year. You resolve to lose weight in the new year. This time, you mean it. Enough is enough. The pounds are going to come off. A gym is going to be joined. It’s time to get serious.

But for every person who starts the year with this committed approach, only a minority will reach the fullest extent of their body weight goals. The rest will, unfortunately, seccumb to all the usual temptations of laziness, poor eating choices, or a “that’s good enough” attitude after making a little progress towards their weight loss goals.

So how can this year be different? Here are four tips for sustaining the energy of your new years resolves well into the summer and fall months to achieve full, lasting weight loss change:

1. You have dreams, not resolutions. Resolutions can sometimes flirt closely to a form of self-punishment. It begins to become easy to lecture ourselves about how we “should” do this and “should” do that. Next thing we know, the little voice in our head is something we want to escape from, not a natural source of positive inspiration.

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review observed that instead of making resolutions, dream instead. Dreaming is about spending time visualizing body weight goals. We can be most effective in achieving our goals when we have a really clear picture of what they are. So dream, dream and dream some more! Visualization for weight loss is a good thing.

2. Know that it’s easy. A lot of struggle and procrastination arises in weight loss out of a failure to understand that it’s really quite easy. There is so much confusing information out there that a “paralysis by analysis” effect can stop us from getting started. But here’s the thing: weight loss is not complicated. The best first step you can take is to start counting calories. If you don’t know where else to begin, begin with that. By simply keeping track of how many calories you consume each day, you can begin to bend the math in your favor to start generating a daily calorie deficit for weight loss.

3. Simplify your life. Weight loss requires organization. To get organized, you’ve gotta get focused. Set yourself up for success in the new year by getting off on the right foot in an organized fashion. Find a good weight loss app for counting calories. Create a grocery list and stock up on smart choices for your calorie-consumption objectives. Throw out all the processed, trash food laying around that you may be tempted to eat in an unfocused moment. Clear your schedule because for the first few months of getting into your weight loss routine, you can’t afford any distractions.

4. Yes, join a gym. There seems to be a fantasy among many dieters that you can lose weight without going to the gym. Recently, Megan Fox talked about losing post-pregnancy weight without going to the gym. An assortment of diet products promise you too can lose weight without having to break a sweat.

Here’s the deal: to transform your life and have the body you want, you’ve got to exercise. That’s it. There are no short-cuts despite the promises of advertisers and celebrity magazines. To change your body, start burning calories in the gym. It’s okay to start slowly and build your way up. If all you do on your first few trips to the gym is walk on a treadmill at a rapid pace for one hour, you’ve been a wild success. Gradually, build your way into doing the best weight-lifting exercises for weight loss. The gym is not a source of dread. It is a source of becoming acquainted with the “you” of your dreams. Relax, have fun, and sweat a little. It will make the entire weight loss process more effective and enjoyable.

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