How to Lose Belly Fat by Walking

If you have two legs that work, then you really have no excuse for carrying around excess body fat. Although you might not think about walking in a real “exercise” sort of way, starting a simple walking routine can help you to quickly shed pounds and finally get rid of that unwanted belly fat.

Believe it or not, walking, as simple as it is, will help to tone and flatten your stomach more than doing sit-ups ever will. The way it does this is burn fat from all over your body. And the best part about walking: it’s something we’re all built perfectly to do; it’s natural and easy…

…and with a few tips, it can also be fun.

How to Lose Weight and Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Belly

Plan a Routine

The first thing you want to do whenever you want to lose weight is to plan out a routine. Now, depending on your current activity level, you may want to ease into any exercise routine. So be sure that you’re only planning 15-minute walks or so until you get adjusted.

After you’re into the flow, make sure you’re setting aside at least 30 minutes every day to walk. It can be during work – walking to get a healthy lunch. It can be walking to or from work, walking after, walking to the store, etc. Just be sure to put the walking time aside and stick to it.

Be Brisk

Slow and steady doesn’t necessarily win the race here. When you’re walking, you want to be brisk about it. You don’t have to run, but make sure that you’re keeping the pace relatively high. Think of “brisk” as a jogging/walking hybrid, where you’re actually getting a workout instead of taking a simple leisurely stroll. This is how you burn off the fat and get a thinner waist.

Be Creative

Any type of creativity you show is going to be good for your routine. For example: choosing a different path to take occasionally will keep your walk exciting. Maybe there are different parts of town you want to see, or maybe you’d like to hike a trail.

Taking your dog with you, walking with friends, etc, is also a good way to keep things fun and exciting. If you’re walking by yourself, carrying an iPod or some other music device will definitely keep you motivated while you’re moving and exercising your way to a slimmer belly.

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