How to Lose Fat off your Thighs

Is there anyone who doesn’t feel their thighs could stand to lose a little fat? This is one of the areas people are most paranoid about and the good news is that there are lots of things you can do to lose fat off your thighs without ever having to go under the knife.

If you’re not satisfied with simply dressing to minimize the size of your thighs,  here are some tips you can use to get thinner thighs:

  1. Park further away

    The next time you go to the mall or the grocery store don’t part right out front. Choose a parking space farther away from the door so that you get that little bit extra exercise while you are out. Those few steps may not seem like much but they add up in terms of calories burned so it’s worth it.

  2. Take the Stairs

    Ditch the elevator. If you want to burn fat from your thighs you need to start taking the stairs. This is an excellent workout that actually targets your thighs tightening and toning the muscles so that they look sleeker and slimmer.

  3. Walk off thigh fat

    If you want skinnier thighs you don’t have to kill yourself doing crazy exercises. Simply walking for 30-40 minutes per day is going to burn calories and help to tone thigh muscle. This is an easy way for you to improve the look of your body and you can even take your family with you and spend some quality time together.

  4. Ride your bike

    They say you never forget how to ride a bike once you have learned and now it’s time for you to put that to the test. Take up riding your bike again. You don’t have to give up your car completely but if you have some errands to run and you can take care of them on your bike instead, then why not? You kill two birds with one stone this way. If you don’t want to ride it around town then consider your local biking trails, these are often gorgeous.

  5. Eat your way to thinner thighs

    The food you eat has pretty much everything to do with your body fat. If you change your diet to include lots of fruits and vegetables and stop eating fast food and foods filled with sugar losing your thigh fat will be a lot easier and speedier. You should eat proteins like lean chicken and turkey instead of the red meat so many people eat on a daily basis.

  6. Lift your legs

    One of the most effective thigh exercises is the sideways leg lift.  To do this, lie on your left side with your left arm supporting your upper body and your right hand on your right hip.  Then, with your legs straight, lift your right leg so that it is at about a 30 degree angle off the floor.  Hold this for a count of ten, then bring it down.  Repeat ten times, then switch over.

  7. Squat

    Squats are also a highly effective thigh exercise.  To do the basic version, simply stand with your legs a little wider apart than your shoulders and your hands in an L-shape, like you’re about to lift dumbbells. Crouch down, keeping your back straight so that most of the weight is taken by your thighs, then push up again.

For other variations try going from the squat and dropping to the push-up position, then back into a squat and spring back to standing.  Alternatively find a large floor or go outdoors, then do the squat-to-push-up variant, then upon popping up do a sprint to the other end of your garden (or around 25 paces if you have a big garden), turn around and do the squat-to-push-up again.  Repeat as many times as you can.

These seven tips are perfect for showing you how to lose thigh fat quickly and relatively easily.

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