How to Lose Holiday Weight

With much of the world celebrating Christmas and other winter-based holidays, food is always a huge part of that tradition – and we’re not talking about Slim Fast shakes and wheat crackers! The average person will usually consume about 1,000 more calories per day during the holidays, and this can mean some serious weight gain.

Dropping the pounds can really seem like an insurmountable goal, but we have a great plan of attack to implement that will fit directly into anyone’s lifestyle. The 4×4 plan can help you drop a few pounds per week depending on the work you put in, and have you looking slim and trim for the summertime.

Losing Holiday Weight with the 4×4 Plan

This plan isn’t four steps, per se. It’s more about calorie count, meal size, meal times and staying active.

If you were to count your calorie intake on an average day, it’s a safe bet that you’re ingesting more than 2,000 calories. Throw in dessert night, pizza night, and that Wednesday you decided to stop at the local fried chicken hut, and we’re talking about another few thousand added on.

With the 4×4 plan, we’re looking to cut down our calorie intake per day to only 1,600. Trust me: this is a significant decline for most people, and it will help you get rid of that holiday weight in a hurry.

The main goal here is to eat four small meals per day, spaced out a few hours a piece, and not exceed 400 calories per meal.

Four meals at 400 calories each = 1,600 a day. Combined with a little bit of exercise every day, say 20 minutes of good activity, you should be burning off fat in no time.

The meals are important. Skipping meals here is going to be counterproductive; you always want to feed your metabolism and keep it balanced.

For breakfast (important that you always eat breakfast!), we want to eat a low-carb, high protein meal. Think – egg white omelet with ham and grilled chicken. For your next meal, you can add some carbs in – just be sure to avoid any “junk” carbs – refined sugars, processed foods, etc.

The next two meals should follow the breakfast line, containing significant amounts of protein and lower amounts of carbohydrates.

We’re not looking to eliminate carbs, just to limit them. By allowing your body to have carbs for one of your four meals, your body isn’t going to be shocked into putting the weight back on when you reintroduce them to your system.

Follow this meal plan, and get 20 minutes of exercise per day, and you should have no trouble losing that holiday weight.

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