9 Tips for Losing Weight by Power Walking

Walking is an easy and free exercise you can do at just about any time to lose weight fast.  Everybody knows that doing some brisk walking is a great way to exercise, especially if you’re not that fit or you’re not yet up for joining your neighbour on her morning jog. 

However, it requires just as much discipline as any other type of exercise, and you need to be strong-willed about incorporating exercise into your lifestyle.

Here are a few things to know to help you lose weight by walking fast:

  • Make sure your walking is aerobic.
    This means that you spend at least 20 minutes of your walk with your heart rate pumping, exerting yourself properly. Pick up the pace and walk much faster than you would if you were just heading out to the store to pick up some bread and milk.  The faster you walk, the more calories you will burn.
  • Time yourself on well-known walks.
    If you know a walk is six miles and that it should take you under an hour, do the walk every 10 days or so, and mark down your time.  You don’t have to do it for every walk, but pick one that you like enough to do often, and see if you’re speeding up.
  • Buy a pedometer.
    These little gadgets can be found in any sports store for a couple of dollars.  You clip them to your belt, and a little moving weight inside them counts how many steps you’ve taken.  The more sophisticated ones (and by sophisticated we mean the ones that cost $12.95 rather than $3.95) can even work out things like calories burnt based on your weight and walking pace.
  • Practice heel-toe walking
    When you walk, step forward with your toes bent upwards and land on your heel, then roll your foot forward.  This uses all of the muscles in your calf, rather than putting the strain on your knees and ankles.  It’ll also help to firm up your bum, but make sure you stretch before walking because it puts a bit more strain on your muscles.
  • Walk regularly- 30 minutes a day
    This is far better for you, and will help you to lose weight faster, than a two hour walk on the weekends.  Even if it’s just walking to the store instead of driving, make sure you spend at least 30 minutes every day walking briskly.  This will help to burn around half the calories from one of your meals.  It’s easiest to do this if you find a walking partner to help keep you motivated and get you out of the house when you need some poking.
  • Find good places to walk.
    It’s no good walking if you don’t have anywhere nice to go.  Don’t be afraid to spend 10 minutes in the car to get to a better place to walk.  You’ll hardly miss the extra time, and you’ll enjoy walking that much more if you’re doing it in a scenic place where there’s lots to look at, instead of just your own suburb’s streets.  A quick Google search for ‘walking routes near me’ can probably turn up a few good ideas for places you can try out.
  • Develop a proper walking schedule.
    Work out how far you can walk at the start, and then set weekly goals.  After a month of solid walking you should be up to walking for sixty minutes at a relatively quick pace, burning loads of calories and helping you to lose weight fast.  However, remember that you should never be gulping for air or completely out of breath.  Get your heart rate up to a comfortable level, but slow down if you start to take strain.
  • Drink water while you walk.
    If you get dehydrated you’ll only be doing yourself harm.  Make sure you take a water bottle with you, and take sips from it every few hundred yards.  If you exercise vigorously, but don’t drink any water, your exercise won’t be nearly as efficient, and you risk doing damage to your muscles.
  • Eat a light, high-protein meal an hour before walking.
    If you go walking after work, eat before you leave the office or just after you get home.  Just a small snack like cheese on a cracker or some nuts will do the trick.  You need some fuel to burn energy, otherwise you’ll be burning muscle and not fat when you walk.
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