5 Steps to Lose Weight Fast

So, you have an important social event, a holiday, or a big date coming up and you’ve just noticed that you don’t fit into your favourite dress. Don’t panic, because it is possible to lose weight fast, and in a healthy way.

Crash diets are seldom a good idea, but you can control your weight and get your body to shed some unwanted pounds in under a week if you follow a careful exercise and diet plan. Here are five tips to lose weight fast and easy:

  1. Do a calorie calculation, ideally with the help of a nutritionist or dietician. This will help you to work out what your maximum number of calories per day should be, as well as how many calories and which types of foods you should cut out of your diet. Plan your meals on a daily or weekly basis to make sure you’re sticking to the numbers.
  2. Work out your ‘basal metabolic rate’ – this is the rate you’re burning energy when you’re just sitting around at your desk or driving your car. It shouldn’t be too hard – look for a calculator on the internet, or ask your doctor for help.
  3. Work out how many calories you burn in a day, based on your average exercise routine, and figure this in to how much you should be eating, or how much you should be exercising. Controlling calories and energy expenditure carefully is the best way to lose weight fast and easy.
  4. Once you have these numbers you need to work out what your net calorie gain or loss is. If the number comes out positive, the sad truth is that you’re gaining weight. Look for areas where you can cut out calories or add time to your exercise routine. Look out for your minimum calorie intake, as provided by your dietician, to make sure you’re not eating way too little to keep your body going.
  5. Now you’ve gotta exercise. There’s only one way to lose weight fast and easy, and that’s to eat healthy and exercise plenty. If you’re not healthy enough for sustained cardiovascular exercise, try walking or water aerobics. Frequency is more important than duration or intensity, so try to get in at least 20 minutes of strenuous exercise each day.

If you follow these five steps, you should manage to lose weight fast and easy in preparation for the big day!

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