How to Make Your Day a Fat Burning Day

Burning fat isn’t just something you do a few hours a day! It’s not just something that happens when you work out or diet—it should happen all day long. If you’re smart, you’ll use the tips below to turn every day into a fat burning day:

Drink More Water

Water is vital for healthy body function, and it keeps you from getting hungry, thereby preventing snacking and overeating. Plus, water keeps your metabolism firing all day long, encouraging you to burn more calories throughout the day.

Add More Protein

Protein is the key to better fat burning. It helps to build muscles, boosts your metabolism, squashes hunger pangs, and helps you to burn fat. Eat more protein throughout the day, and you’ll end up consuming fewer calories of carbs.

Move More

Don’t spend your entire day sitting down. Instead, find a way to make your days more active. Take a break at the office and move around more, and walk up and down the stairs to your office. Park at the far end of the parking lot. Take your lunch break walking, or hang out with friends while moving. The more you move, the more calories (and fat) you burn!

Have Some Coffee

Caffeine is great for fat burning, and it can give your energy levels a boost to keep you going for hours. Make sure to drink it black—sugar and milk just add extra calories of fat and carbs you don’t need. Black coffee has 5 calories per cup and is a great appetite suppressant.

Hit the Workout Hard

This should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway! When it comes time to hit the gym, make sure you really give your workouts full attention and intensity. Push your body to its limits—both aerobic and anaerobic. Focus on whole-body movements that recruit as many muscles as possible, and give your core plenty of attention. The more you build muscles, the more fat you’ll burn throughout the day.

Pop Post-Workout Protein

Once you’ve finished your training session, get some protein in your system (via protein shake or high protein meal/snack). Protein will replenish the amino acids you burned during your workout and prevent muscle soreness. A high protein snack after your workout also shuts down your appetite and stops you from being hungry an hour or so post-training. It’s a great way to keep the fat-burning going for hours after the training session!

Close Your Eyes

A nap can be everything your body needs to keep up your energy levels mid-afternoon. When you’re tired, your body often interprets the sleepiness as hunger, causing you to feel like you need a snack. BIG mistake! You just need a few minutes of shut-eye to replenish your diminishing energy levels. Take a 20-minute power nap and you’ll feel great again.


Not only does cooking cause you to move around more, but it helps you to be certain you’re cooking the right fat-burning foods. When you prepare your meals, you have total control over the ingredients you use. Thus, you’ll know how much butter, oil, flour, salt, rice, potatoes, meat, and veggies go into each dish. You can ensure you’re getting more of the good stuff while cutting back on the unhealthy ingredients.

Rest Well

A good night’s sleep is integral to healthy fat burning. Your body does most of its repairs overnight, so a full night of rest ensures your energy levels are topped off come the morning. Plus, a good night of sleep reduces the risk of hunger pangs and food cravings throughout the day.

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