How to Modify Your Exercise Program

If your goal is weight loss, fat loss, and muscle building, your worst enemy is boredom. When you are no long enthused or excited about your workout, it feels more like a chore--and you don't need any more work added to your day! After a while, you give up altogether because of the drudgery of the workout.

The key to staying interested in your workout plan is to keep things fresh, always changing. Not only will this help you to mentally stay engaged, but it will also keep your body from adapting to the exercise too much. The body has an impressive ability to adapt to new conditions it is subject to. Once the body has built up strength and adapted to the stress of a particular exercise, it remains at that level of fitness. The body is no longer challenged by the exercise because it is within its capabilities. What to do to continue losing weight?

At some point degrees of this becomes either unhealthy or time consuming or both. However, if the body is challenged it develops new fitness levels and a higher degree of fitness is a great way to help control weight much easier. Thus, you need to vary your exercise and diet program. The more variety you have in your workout, the fitter you will be overall.

So how can you switch things up and make your workout fresh:

Switch up your workouts, and you'll be happier than every! Change will help encourage you to stick to a routine of exercise and diet because it breaks up the monotony of doing the same thing over and over again. How often exercise routines need to be changed depend on the individual and other factors such as genetics, recovery factors, diet and fitness levels.

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