Improving Health by Matching Food with Personal Biochemistry

Biochemistry is easy enough to understand. It’s simply the study of all chimerical processes which take place inside of living organisms. This includes plant life, animals, and especially human beings. Dealing with the structure and functions of cellular components like carbs, lipids, proteins and other bio molecules, science is able to find the proper balance needed in the human body.

Now, a lot of what you may have heard about matching the types of foods your body chemistry needs is a little on the side of myth rather than fact. For example, some charlatans out there make a lot of money by telling people with debilitating and mortal illnesses that simply adjusting their body’s ph levels will provide a miracle cure. Other scam artists insist that, if you only eat the right balance of foods, your body will shed weight regardless of calorie count and regardless of activity level.

Deciphering the true from the wholly false when dealing with biochemistry is important if you’re looking to eat foods that match your body’s individual chemistry. The word in that last sentence says it all – individual. What boosts your particular metabolism and your serotonin and keeps your blood pressure healthy might be different than someone else.

If you were planning a strict food chemistry diet, then you would need to consult an expert and find out exactly what the chemistry of your body is. Without the facts about how your body works, you could be heading down a dangerous road, especially if you opt for something drastic like chemicals injected directly into your body for any sort of “adjustment.”

To understand how foods matched with your biochemistry can work for you when dieting you will first need to view your body as something different than your body. Think of your body as a machine that needs certain parts and certain processes to work at its optimum.

Your body needs to produce energy naturally. It needs to properly digest foods. It needs to detoxify itself regularly and keep itself balanced at all times. Our bodies have evolved to do this over time using food as the fuel.
If you think about it logically, then we obviously didn’t evolve to stay healthy and functioning through fast foods, processed sugars, snacks, etc. We ate meats and veggies, primarily, and were always active throughout almost every stage of our evolution.

Finding your food chemistry is like fine-tuning your machine. Of course, simply eating a healthier diet, more of what our ancestors would have eaten, is a great way to keep healthy and maintain a healthy weight. For your particular chemistry, if you were looking to enhance performance in any area, then this is when you need to be sure of what you’re supplementing.

By and large, people who choose to match their body chemistry with the foods they eat do experience results and live healthier lives. It’s something worth doing, but it must be done correctly.

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