Is it Time to Fire Your Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer can be a huge help to you when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape. A good personal trainer will push you hard, keep you on track, help you watch what you eat and how you move, and encourage you when your energy and enthusiasm are fading. For those who are serious about bulking up or slimming down, working with a personal trainer is the way to go. But here’s how to know that you’re working with the WRONG trainer:

It’s All About Them

A good personal trainer places the focus on you and your goals, not their desires for you or their way of doing things. They may have a set routine in place, but that shouldn’t stop them from adapting to your desires or abilities. If they’re self-centered and focused on how THEY are helping you achieve your goals, they may not be the right personal trainer for you. Your personal trainer should be all about YOU.

They Have Little or No Education

Did you know that personal trainers need to continue with their education every year? They have to obtain their certification in order to start working as a personal trainer, but they also need to obtain yearly academic credits. This encourages trainers to study and learn more, expanding their understanding of the human body and how it works. Your trainer MUST have the proper certifications from any number of fitness trainer organizations, and they should keep up with their studies. If they don’t, it may be time to find a new trainer.

They’re Not in Shape

Would you buy hair gel from a bald person? Would you buy women’s jewelry from a man? Would you buy a car from a man who doesn’t own one? Probably not! That means you won’t “buy” the service the personal trainer is selling if he isn’t living what he preaches. Personal trainers should be fairly fit, at least enough that they look the part. If the trainer huffs and puffs their way through a simple workout, has a few pounds of extra body fat, or just doesn’t have the appearance, it’s a sign they’re not really doing what they need to in order to be the best trainer possible.

They’re Up on Modern Trends

All trainers need to stay abreast of the latest trends in fitness and health, as that’s the only way that they will keep up with the new discoveries made every day. The truth is that fads come and go, and science is discovering new secrets to the human body on a regular basis. A good personal trainer stays current and follows the fitness and health news. If your trainer doesn’t, it’s time to find a new one.

They’re Distracted

Every trainer has a few clients at the gym, and it may happen that more than one client trains at a time. However, if you’re the only client at the gym, their entire focus should be on you. If they’re texting, taking calls, chatting with their pals, or just generally distracted from what they should be doing (training you), it’s a sign that they’re not really in it to win it. It’s time for you to look for a trainer who cares enough to pay attention.

You Leave in Pain

Working out can be painful, especially for newbies who are just getting their muscles used to working out. But if you leave every session in pain, it’s time to evaluate the training. Trainers should take your unique physiology into account and create a program that works your muscles hard WITHOUT injuries.

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