Killer Foods: The Top Cancer-Causing Eats of Today

“I see killer foods everywhere!”

The reality of life is that your supermarket is stocked with foods that will kill you. Sure, they may kill you slowly by causing cancer and other health problems, but you’ll end up dead anyways! If you are wise, you’ll avoid these foods like the plague!

Now, you hear people whine and say, “But everything causes cancer these days!” This is true and untrue at the same time. A lot of food does contain cancer-promoting nutrients, but not to the same extent these killer foods below do. If you want to stay away from the worst of the worst, here’s the list of the Most Wanted Killer Foods:

  1. GMO Foods — Genetically modified organisms are foods that have been altered at the molecular level. They are totally unhealthy, and they are made using all sorts of crazy chemicals with names you can’t begin to pronounce. If you want to stay away from cancer, stay away from these foods!
  2. “Microwave” Popcorn –Anything that is supposed to be cooked/heated up to be made edible in the microwave is probably going to be a health hazard, but it’s microwave popcorn that takes the lead in killer foods. The lining of the bags can promote carcinogen growth, and the popcorn contains a lung cancer-producing chemical called diacetyl.
  3. Processed Meat — If it doesn’t look like it came from a cow, a pig, or a chicken, stay away from it. Processed meats like hot dogs, ham, bacon (darn!), sausages, and lunch meats are loaded with preservatives. You’ll find the #1 and #2 enemies are sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate – both of which have been linked to your increased risk of colon cancer.
  4. Sodas — If it’s bubbly and in a can, it’s probably going to be bad for you. Soda is loaded with artificial colorings and chemicals, as well as chemical colorings that can cause cancer. As an extra little twist of the knife, soda causes your body to swing towards an acidic pH level, which causes all kinds of health problems.
  5. Diet Foods — This is one of the biggest villainies perpetuated on American society today. Just because these foods are “low in calories”, it doesn’t mean they are healthy. In fact, anything that is labeled as “Diet” will have artificial sugars like sucralose and saccharin – two sweeteners that have been known to increase your risk of cancer.
  6. Refined Foods — A lot of the food we eat today is white, but this is food that has been refined – a fancy way of saying “had all of the nutrients bleached out”. There are very few foods that are naturally white (the occasional radish perhaps), because white is a color that means “lower nutrients” in nature. Refined sugars cause insulin levels to rise quickly, and they feed the cancer cells growing in your body. Refined flours and grains are loaded with carbs, but have no other nourishment. In fact, too many empty carbs has been known to cause breast cancer in women, and the spike in your blood sugar levels caused by empty carbs provides cancer cells with food to grow healthy and strong.
  7. Hydrogenated Oils –Hydrogenated oil is an ingredient you see mixed into canned and jarred food, as it helps to keep the food stable for a lot longer while on the shelf. However, did you know that these oils actually alter the flexibility of your body’s cell membranes, as well as their structure? The alteration of the cell membranes makes your cells easy prey for cancer, so stay away from any products made with hydrogenated oils.

Take these killer foods off your menu, and you’re likely to live a cancer-free life for a lot longer!

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