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The choices of diets are almost endless, from high protein eating plans to liquid diets; the list is endless and a bit obscure. So, let’s get to know the facts!

When most people decide that they want to lose weight they are faced with the decision of how they want to do it. The choices of diets are almost endless, from high protein diets to liquid diets and even some that are a little bit crazy.

There is one type of diet that has proven popular time and time again based on its results. This would be a low carbohydrate diet. If you find that you are considering this type of diet then there are a number of sites out there to assist you. First, let’s get to know the facts.

These diets will leave you feeling lighter. In one way this is a good thing. You will find that you are motivated to lose weight and the whole process is a lot easier. On the other hand, you could be left feeling hungry and unsatisfied. This is why it’s important to eat regularly, but stick to fresh produce like vegetable portions, fruits and nutty snacks. Ideally you will eat low GI (glycemic index) foods like low GI bread, which release energy in small amounts over time.

As your hunger is regulated and energy is released into your body throughout the day, you tend to lose that stubborn weight. The desire to lose calories is less prevalent and you will find yourself less susceptible to picking up a snack at the convenience counter.

A low carb diet doesn’t mean cutting out carbohydrates altogether. It simply means that you are consuming less ‘heavy’ foods like white bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, pizza, certain rusks and biscuits. While this may be a list of your favorite foods, it is time to reevaluate things. These carbohydrates are extremely difficult for the body to process and are often stored at bedtime when our energy reserves shut down and prepare to recuperate. Most people love their carbs which means that you will have to find healthy substitutes to stop you from binging while your body acclimatizes to its new internal environment.

Water weight loss is yet another reason why this kind of diet is usually successful. Cutting down on your carbs will help your body to release water and assist you with water retention. Your body believes that it needs to hang on to fluids which help it process heavy foods and regulate the body.

All of these factors contribute to losing weight and looking better and of course, this is where the motivation comes into play. You won’t always want to diet and exercise but through seeing results, you are motivated to carry on with your low carb diet.

When considering low carb diets, please be wary. There are a number of low carb sites out there (many of them extremely helpful) but most of them have a disclaimer at the bottom explaining that they are not doctors but rather people who have lost weight. If you are planning on embarking on any new diet, be sure to check with your doctor first. No amount of cosmetic weight loss is worth physical injury or aggravating existing conditions.

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