Cycling to Lose Weight

There are many exercises to choose from that can help lose weight. The best exercise to perform would depend on individual preferences and capabilities. What may be a great exercise for one person may not suit another. Cycling is a popular exercise for those attempting to lose weight. This exercise does offer many benefits; it can be done outdoors, view the scenery or together with friends.

However, I personally wouldn’t cycle to lose weight. I believe cycling is a very "hit or miss" exercise. Firstly, only the lower area of the body is involved in the movement. Also, the legs only have a low range of motion. Both these facts make it difficult to burn lots of calories unless pushed. Plus, cycling at a high rate of intensity only drives the activity further towards the anaerobic spectrum of our energy system causing the body to burn more carbs. Another problem is when cycling outside, tackling any hill requires greater muscular effort going up but a period of rest coming down, it doesn’t allow the energy system to establish a steady pace, which is vital for burning fat.

I’m not saying cycling is no good, I just believe there are better exercises for burning fat. An exercise that requires a full range of motion and involves numerous joint movements which helps tone the whole body. My favorite exercise for burning fat is rowing.



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