Lose Weight This Christmas

Christmas is the time for celebrations, which for most of us means a lot of eating! Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated meals of the year, with course after course of delicious, HIGH CALORIE food laid out in front of you tempting you to eat.

The truth is that the majority of the world gains weight over the holiday months, but you can stand out from your pals by making an effort to lose weight this Christmas. How is that possible?

Yes to Turkey, No to Mash

Turkey is a lean protein, so you can pretty much eat as much of it as you want without feeling guilty. Mashed potatoes, on the other hand, are all starch, and there is usually butter, cream, milk, and other high-fat ingredients added in. It’s better to fill up on turkey and veggies, and stay away from the mashed potatoes as much as possible. A LITTLE BIT of stuffing can’t hurt, but skip all the other starches.

One Helping of Dessert

This is going to be one of the hardest things to do when your stomach is growling and your taste buds are clamoring for something sweet, but it’s necessary. Desserts are empty calories, usually loaded with fat and sugar. They are what will do the most damage to your weight loss efforts, so they’re the foods you need to turn down as often as possible. Choose one or two desserts you can’t live without, and have ONE helping of each.

Cook the Meal

There are few things that will kill your appetite more than slaving over a hot stove to prepare the Christmas dinner, so it’s worth being the cook if it helps you to avoid overeating! Not only do you reduce your appetite by preparing the meal, but you can burn a lot of calories working to prepare the stuffing, the potatoes, the desserts, and the sauces.

Finish with a Walk

After the meal is over, get yourself off the couch and out the door. Take a very gentle stroll with your significant other or a friend, and make sure to walk around until you no longer feel that your pants are going to burst. Resist the urge to fall into your food coma, but instead walk off the food you’ve eaten. Walking aids in digestion, and can help you burn more calories.

Hit the Gym Before and After

The day before your big Christmas dinner, get yourself to the gym for a hardcore workout. Even on the day of your dinner, try to fit in a serious strength training and HIIT session. When you sit down to eat the Christmas meal, your body will use the nutrients to repair your muscles–thus reducing the amount of fat stored after the dinner. The day after your Christmas dinner, get yourself to the gym. Even if you only do a light workout, it will help to speed up your metabolism and prevent fat storage.

Do Outdoor Holiday Activities

Ice skating, snowball fights, winter wonderland walks, and other outdoor activities will help you to make the most of your holidays, and help you to burn more calories even if you’re not at the gym. You should make it a point to find more ways to get out of doors or be active during your days off.

Plan A Fitness Vacation

If you’re going with your family and friends on a Christmas vacation, see if you can’t plan the vacation in a warm place where you can spend your time out of doors, running around and getting in shape while everyone back home is shivering in the cold!

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