Lose Water Weight or Fluid Loss on Diet



Losing water weight is an inevitable part of all weight loss programs




Losing water weight


losing weight its inevitable that water will make up some of the weight loss. No matter how we lose weight or how long the weight loss takes, everyone will lose water.

Many factors determine the amount of water we lose in comparison to fat loss, they include:

  • which exercise is selected

  • the diet chosen – for example, a low carb diet may increase water loss

  • calorie intake – lowering calorie intake too much will cause more water loss

  • the physical state of the person – the amount of protein and carb stores before new diet


The water weight loss comes from a net loss of protein and carbohydrates especially during the first few weeks of a reduction in calories. On reducing calories the body needs to rely more on energy within the body and thus breaks down protein and carbohydrate for metabolism. When these nutrients are metabolised water is released. Fat stores do supply a little of the energy but , at first , a good proportion comes from protein and the limited stores of carbohydrates within the cells.





For weight loss the trick is to reduce losing water weight as much as possible so the body is forced to body fat stores. To limit losing water weight many people will:


  • consume small portions of high quality protein at each meal

  • reduce food intake gradually and count

  • can slow protein lost from muscle cells

  • not crash diet or starve

  • train for strength so to increase muscle

  • lose weight slowly no more than 2 pounds per week




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