Calories in the Big Mac & McDonald Foods

You may associate Mcdonald's and other fast foods with high calories and high fat levels. True McDonalds food is by no means good for you. But, if you really are craving a big mac, go for it; just not everyday or everyweek!

Weight loss does not necessarily mean complete elimination of fast food from the diet; it is not that the food is "bad" its the frequency and quantity consumed that may need careful adjustment.

Use the Mcdonalds calories list below to compare the food items.

Food itemCalories Fat (grams)Carbohydrate (grams)Protein (grams)
Cheese Burger (4oz-114g)300123315
Double Cheese Burger (5,8oz - 165g)440233425
Big Mac (7,5oz-214g)540294525
4 Chicken McNuggets (2,3 oz- 64g)190121110
Hamburger (3,5oz-100g)25093112
McChicken (5oz-143g)360164014
Quarter pond with cheese (7oz-198g)510264029
Filet-O-Fish (5oz-142g)380183815
Big Breakfast - regular size (9,5oz-269g)740485128
Large Fries (5,4oz-154g)50025636
Hash Brown (2oz-56g)15080151
Milkshake - Banana medium42511729

Above table lists the fat and calories in Mcdonald's fast food. The values are estimated based on each products main ingredients and the estimated quantity therefore the actual values may be slightly different.

McDonald nutrition info

3 Responses to Calories in the Big Mac & McDonald Foods

  1. Robbie Williams says:

    Chuffin' eck !! I live off Maccy D's every day!!! I'm such a flubber gut

  2. Paul Gutib says:

    My nutritionist says that I gotta take in a minimum of 1900 Calories a day to support my bodily functions. However, since I'm on a weight loss program, I workout and have a diet. I must consume lesser than 1900 and burn the other stored fat in my body. Believe me, taking in McDonald's once a day doesn't affect your diet. Just stay away from fries and softdrinks cause they are buffers to the calorie meter. :D

  3. Lionel Messi says:

    wow mcdonalds really are fatty!

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