Calories in the Big Mac & McDonald Foods

Who doesn't love McDonald's food? There's nothing quite like a hamburger when your hunger's up and you want something quick and easy to eat. Why else do you think there are so many McDonald's in every single city around the country.

But don't think for one pea-pickin' minute that McD's is in any way healthy. There is absolutely NOTHING healthy about the hamburgers served there! Even the salads and fruit served there barely qualifies as "healthy".

Why is McD's so bad?

First off, there's all the calories. You'll find that a single hamburger contains A LOT of calories, and most of them come from the bun. The hamburger patty has a good number of calories, but the bun provides all empty calories--zero nutritional value to it.

Here are the calories you'll find in your Big Mac and other McD's burgers:

Food itemCalories Fat (grams)Carbohydrate (grams)Protein (grams)
Cheese Burger (4oz-114g)300123315
Double Cheese Burger (5,8oz - 165g)440233425
Big Mac (7,5oz-214g)540294525
4 Chicken McNuggets (2,3 oz- 64g)190121110
Hamburger (3,5oz-100g)25093112
McChicken (5oz-143g)360164014
Quarter pond with cheese (7oz-198g)510264029
Filet-O-Fish (5oz-142g)380183815
Big Breakfast - regular size (9,5oz-269g)740485128
Large Fries (5,4oz-154g)50025636
Hash Brown (2oz-56g)15080151
Milkshake - Banana medium42511729

As you can see, hamburgers, fries, and all of the other food you can buy at this fast food joint tend to be VERY high in calories.

But it's not just the calories you need to watch out for! Did you know that nearly ALL fast food meat contains meat-based carcinogens? These carcinogens are the result of the meat being highly processed, and they have been linked to a number of cancers--including colon cancer.

Then there's all the fat! Saturated fat is the stuff that you naturally find in meat. In high quantities, it can be harmful and lead to clogged arteries and heart disease. But if you eat all natural foods (even meat), you'll find that it's much harder to eat a lot of saturated fat. All you need to do is select leaner cuts of meat, remove the skin from chicken, and trim the fat off pork.

But trans fat, now that's a different creature altogether. Trans fat is a 100% man-made fat; it cannot be found in nature! Trans fats are produced when hydrogen is added to unsaturated fat, and the result is a solid fat that looks like and has the consistency of saturated fat, but it is stiffer and longer-lasting. While this is great for cooking, it also means that the trans fats last longer and harden more quickly in your arteries.

Hamburgers and French fries are two of the most popular sources of trans fats in the world! Every time cooking oil is used--particularly to deep fry food--you are consuming A LOT of trans fats. To make things worse, these fats often contain a lot of free radicals, which just increases your risk of cancer along with the risk of heart disease.

Why You Should Avoid Fast Food Joints

When it comes down to it, there are MANY reasons you should stay away from places like McDonald's and Burger King:

  1. There's almost NO nutritional value in any of the food they serve.
  2. The calorie content of the food is VERY high.
  3. The food is processed too easily by your stomach, and thus it is turned into fat much more quickly.
  4. Hamburgers tend to be very high in saturated fat, which can lead to heart disease.
  5. All fried and deep fried foods contain trans fats, which have been linked to multiple forms of cancer.
  6. The highly processed food is often loaded with trans fats, which can lead to cancer.

The truth is that these hamburgers, while exceedingly delicious, are actually quite terrible for your health. The more you eat, the less healthy you will be! As you can see by the calories table above, the food is high in calories, yet offers very little nutrition. Time to avoid burgers like the plague!

3 Responses to Calories in the Big Mac & McDonald Foods

  1. Robbie Williams says:

    Chuffin' eck !! I live off Maccy D's every day!!! I'm such a flubber gut

  2. Paul Gutib says:

    My nutritionist says that I gotta take in a minimum of 1900 Calories a day to support my bodily functions. However, since I'm on a weight loss program, I workout and have a diet. I must consume lesser than 1900 and burn the other stored fat in my body. Believe me, taking in McDonald's once a day doesn't affect your diet. Just stay away from fries and softdrinks cause they are buffers to the calorie meter. 😀

  3. Lionel Messi says:

    wow mcdonalds really are fatty!

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