Measuring Your Waistline

If you’re a heavier person, you may have gotten used to avoiding certain things. Not food, of course, but more like mirrors, scales and jeans that aren’t elastic.

Avoiding things isn’t the solution here, though. Ignoring problems will only make them worse, if you haven’t been able to tell by now.

Know Your Weight

It’s important to always know what you weigh. You should always see how you look to keep an accurate self-depiction. And don’t be afraid of knowing the circumference of your waist.

In fact, you should regularly measure your waist, whether you are actively trying to lose weight or not, it is a good idea to tell if you need to slim down or if you’re making any progress at all on your current diet/exercise program.

Accurately Finding and Measuring Your Waist

Locate your waistline

The first step here is to find your actual waistline. No, it isn’t that spot on your body where your jeans rest. Oh, that throws you through a loop? Well, join the club.

Your waistline is actually higher up – a little closer to the belly button. Locate your actual waist by feeling for it between your hips (this is where the jeans sit!) and the belly button. It should be right on top.

Measure the width of your waist

Don’t use one of those thin metal construction devices here. You’ll want to get the real thing. Go out and purchase a cloth tape measure if you don’t have one. They’re cheap and they’re accurate. Now, start at your belly button at “0” inches, string it around, the number overlapping the 0 is your measurement.

Get your waist size straight

With all things in life, you want to measure twice and cut once, so to speak. So, now that you know what to do, make sure that you’re looking in a mirror or have someone close by to assist you. Why? Well, you want to make sure the tape measure is straight across your back and isn’t bended or twisted, etc. The idea is to get the most accurate waistline measurement possible.

Be natural

Look, sucking in that tummy is only you lying to yourself. So make sure to go o-naturale when measuring. You might be a little freaked out by the results, but at least knowing them may put you on the path to changing that measurement.

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