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Examples of Low – Medium Calorie Diets *


Many more examples of my personal diet menus below, all low in calories and mostly comprised of healthy foods. The 3 menus all contain 4 meals for each day. I sometimes break a big meal up into two smaller meals to “spread the calorie cost” when reducing intake.


I always make sure I change or rotate my daily diet menus. This practice helps to avoid any possible deficiency in a particular nutrient – if I miss out on one nutrient then tomorrow’s daily diet plan may supply it!


I always drink plenty of clean bottled water before, during and after each meal or snack. It’s important to maintain fluid levels for maximum energy throughout the day.


The following dieting menus are for demonstration purposes only!

Please read our Terms !



Sample Diet Menu for One Day




  • One bowl Fruit Salad – 150 calories

  • Natural Fat-free Yogurt small pot – 60 calories

  • Porridge Oats half cup – 220 cals


  • 2 Rye crispbreads no butter – 150 cals

  • with cottage cheese 100 grams  – 120 cals

  • Piece of fruit – 50 cals


  • Small portion dried fruit and nuts – 200 cals


  • Grilled Salmon steak – 300 cals

  • Portion new potatoes – 120 cals

  • Steamed Vegetables – 80 cals

  • One small low-fat fruit trifle – 55 calories

Calories consumed for this day = 1505 Calories



Sample Diet Plan for One Day



  • One small bowl porridge oats with mixed berries sunflower seeds and skimmed milk  – 340 calories

  • Piece of fruit or fruit juice 50 cals

  • Tea or coffee


  • Chicken & salad pitta…made up of –

  • Wholemeal Pitta bread with grilled chicken 100g, mixed salads vegs & low-fat dressing – 340 total calories

  • Fruit juice – 60 cals


  • Fruit – 80 calories

  • Natural low-fat yogurt – 80 cals


  • Chilli Con Carne (with extra beans or peas) – 630 TOTAL calories for this dish!

Method for Chilli con carne:

Saute 1 onion in 2 tbsp oil. Add pinch cumin seeds, 1 tsp garlic, 1 grenn chilli & 150ml tomatoes. Cook for 10-15 minutes. Stir in half can drained kidney beans & 15g flat leaf parsley. Serve with asparagus and a salad with low-fat dressing.


Calories consumed for this day = 1580





Diet sample Menu another Day



  • Omelette with little oil, skimmed milk, mushrooms & low-fat cheese – 240 calories

  • One slice toast – 100 cals

  • Fruit Juice – 65 cals

  • Tea or coffee


  • Peanut butter on granary toast – 320 calories

  • Piece of fruit – 80 cals


  • Packet of low fat chips (crisps UK) – 110 calories

  • Fruit – 80 calories


  • Vegetable Pie – 240 calories

  • Beans or peas half cup – 135 calories

  • dessert – 200 calories

Calories consumed for the day = 1570





1200 Calorie Diet 2000 Calorie Menus





1200 Calorie Diet samples  |  Different Menu for Diet Plans



* All our dieting menus are displayed here ONLY to demonstrate how to construct dieting meal plan. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE FOLLOW THESE EXAMPLES WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING WITH A QUALIFIED DIETICIAN. Please read our Terms !!


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