More Good Reasons to Eat Yoghurt

Yoghurt is one of those foods you just can’t eat enough of! It’s not only tasty, but it offers a wide range of epic health benefits. You already know that it’s great for weight loss, boosting your bone health, promoting portion control, and stifling hunger pangs, but there are so many other benefits you need to know about. Here are a few more epic reasons to eat yoghurt on a regular basis:

Fight Allergies

Did you know that yoghurt can fight allergies? Well, not all yoghurts can, but any yoghurt that contains B. lactis will be excellent for helping you to control your allergic reactions. In a test conducted over the course of eight weeks, participants drank yoghurt containing B. lactis every day. At the end of the test period, they had half the allergy symptoms that the other participants had. This is because B. lactis can help to decrease the production of histamine, which your body manufactures when there is a lot of white blood cell activity. By reducing histamine production, your body’s responses to allergies is far less noticeable. Yoghurts that contain B. lactis include Activia and Siggi’s Skyr.

Promote Healthy Waste Elimination

Suffering from constipation or irritable bowel syndrome? Have a bit of yoghurt. Not only will the yoghurt help to reduce the symptoms of any allergies or irritation in your stomach, but the L. acidophilus bacteria in the yoghurt will lower pH levels in your gut. This in turn boosts the activity of the neurotransmitters that cause your intestines to contract, helping you to eliminate that waste more effectively. Studies found that eating yoghurt containing the acidophilus and B. lactis bacteria had a 62% improvement in their ability to use the bathroom. Drink Wallaby Organic or Lifeway kefir drinks to obtain these health benefits!

Reduce Stomach Problems

Are you feeling a bit rumbly in your tummy these days? Studies suggest that eating yoghurt with probiotics can help to ease EIGHT different forms of gastrointestinal problems. This is because the good bacteria in the yoghurt overwhelms the pathogens in your gut. The more beneficial bacteria your yoghurt contains, the more effective it will be at both feeding your gut bacteria and getting rid of the bad bacteria that is causing the stomach problems. Definitely a great reason to start eating more yoghurt regularly!

Cure Colds

Yoghurt to cure a common cold? Sounds sketchy, doesn’t it? Well, first off, your body NEEDS calcium in order to be able to absorb and process Vitamin C. There’s a lot of calcium in yoghurt, along with the fat that helps your body use the calcium and Vitamin C. Then you’ll find that the L. casei Shirota bacteria in yoghurt also helps to cure colds. A Japanese study discovered that drinking Yakult (a drink made with theĀ  L. casei Shirota bacteria) helps to speed upper respiratory infection recovery by as much as 31%. This is because the bacteria enhances the natural killer cells in your body, which are designed to attack the viruses that cause the illness.

Protect You From Diabetes

A UK study discovered that yoghurt may be effective at protecting you from diabetes. In the study, people who ate roughly 1/3 of a cup of yoghurt every day noticed a 28% reduction in their risk of developing diabetes. The combination of probiotics, minerals, and vitamins in yoghurt helps to keep your blood glucose levels steady, preventing the spikes and drops that lead to insulin resistance. Yoghurt also contains a type of Vitamin K known as menaquinones, which helps to increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin.

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