Stop dieting AND still lose weight


No Dieting please!

I have tried every diet on the market and have lost some weight. The trouble is I cannot stick to a diet that has an unusual selection of foods. How can I lose weight without having to eat foods I don’t like?

It will be hard to maintain any weight loss while following a specific diet. Really no one should be following a diet, we should try to stick to our own, unique food preferences, but try to iron out the bad habits and cut out junk foods. We should simply be eating much smaller portions and reduce snacking in-between meals. Without the inconvenience of sticking to foods you don’t like or foods that take much longer to prepare or cost more, it should be a lot easier to keep up healthy eating for life.

It may also be wise to substitute high calorie foods for their low calorie varieties if weight loss starts to slow.


What foods should I avoid?


All food has some nutritional value so it’s really not essential to avoid any food (unless there’s a chance a certain food may cause an allergic reaction then you must avoid it!). Rather look at your regular eating habits and identify the foods that contain the most calories, foods that may have contributed to weight gain, and then try eating smaller portions of them or consume those foods less frequently. This way you don’t have to sacrifice the food you enjoy.




* Seek approval from a qualified dietician before making any change to eating habits. Please read our Terms!




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