Old Habits Decrease Weight Loss Chances

Many people develop habits that could have a negative effect on any weight loss effort. Habits formed over years may fuel certain behavior which limits the capacity for positive action and result in a lowered motivation.

Lets look at some examples of habits which may be causing limitations.


Family Life

Social Life

General habits

Recreational Habits

The lists above could be endless and depends on an individuals own circumstances. Take a look at your own lifestyle, try to identify any habits that you feel need changing. Look closely as you may not be aware that some habits are affecting your progress for positive action. If you notice any habits try to think how you can eliminate them.

Quitting bad Habits
Now that you found your lifestyles, here are some suggestions on turning the bad habits into good habits.

Make of list what you do everything and think alternatives. You may not be able to apply everything in one day, take baby steps.

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