Help for Cats to Lose Weight



A Weight Loss Program for Cats


A cat that is eating less food is getting fewer nutrients. Your Vet may recommend a vitamin/mineral supplement to help your cat stay healthy, alert, and active. A fatty acid supplement will keep your cat’s skin and coat healthy. Dehydroepiandrosterone helps cats lose weight faster and lowers cholesterol levels. L. carnitine affects the utilization of fat by the cat’s body and helps reduce weight. Pyruvate alters the metabolism. Chromium picolinate promotes the activity of insulin. Coenzyme Q10 aids energy production at the cellular level.

Cats gain weight when they don’t exercise as much as they should. Cats, like their human masters, require regular exercise to stay healthy. Exercising a cat, however, is not as easy as exercising a dog. Cats exercise when they want to. Many are extremely resistant to walking on a leash. You may have to resort to buying new toys or catnip to make your cat more active. CatChannel.Com suggests using toys and household items that will get your cat to leap and stretch, run up and down stairs, and climb. In addition, you might create an obstacle course of boxes, bags and soft-sided tunnels.

Because cats are exercise resistant, the solution to their weight problem is often found in a revised diet. As mentioned above, this may be difficult to do. Consult your Vet and follow his/her advice. Be patient and let things happen over time. Your cat will thank you for helping him lose weight, improve his health, and live longer.



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