How Much Protein in Chicken

If you are looking for one of the best sources of protein, chicken is definitely an option to consider! Not only is it tasty, but as you'll see by the table below, it's a pretty well-balanced source of protein:

Chicken Type (100g)CaloriesTotal FatSaturated FatUnsaturated FatProteins
Chicken Breast meat only - Raw1142,60,61,221,2
Chicken Breast meat only - Roasted1653,61231
Chicken Breast meat only - Fried1874,71,32,833,4
Chicken Breast meat and skin - Raw1729,22,75,820,8
Chicken leg meat only - Raw1203,812,220,1
Chicken leg meat only - Roasted1918,42,3527
Chicken leg meat only - Fried2089,32,55,628,4
Chicken leg meat and skin - Raw18712,13,47,518,1
Chicken wing meat only - Raw1263,50,91,622
Chicken wing meat only - Roasted2038,12,34,430,4
Chicken wing meat only - Fried2119,12,55,230,1
Chicken wing meat and skin - Raw22215,64,59,718,3

Not bad, right? Chicken breast is, of course, the best, as it contains the least amount of calories and fat of any part of the chicken. It's also the highest in protein, making it the part that you want to eat as much of as possible.

But every part of the chicken is fairly healthy (except the skin!). You can eat legs, wings, and thighs and get a whole lot of nourishment. All parts of the chicken contain a good deal of protein, though some contain more fat than others.

The truth is that chicken is one of the best sources of protein on the planet. It is lower in saturated fat than red meat, it contains a better balance of amino acids than plant proteins, and it's much more versatile than fish. The only protein that could be "better" than chicken would be eggs.

Here are some of the benefits of eating chicken more often:

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