How Much Protein in Chicken

Chicken, it does your body good especially when building muscles. The average serving of chicken breast has between 21g and 40g of protein. That difference can be attributed to free range, organic, corn fed, battery or broiler chickens. Therefore, we suggest going with a lower number like 21g pf protein per serving of chicken breast and to check the label on the packaging; it could be much higher.

Chicken protein is a high quality protein compared to many other basic foods. The protein in chicken contains all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions required by the body for optimum growth of lean, calorie-burning tissue. While beans and rices together create a complete protein, they lack some amino acids that chicken and other meat based proteins provide.

Be aware that fried chicken wings or legs maybe delicious but they pack on the fat. The most healthy to enjoy chicken is to grill, steam, bake, or saute chicken. You want to get the most out of the chicken, the protein, not pile on the fat.

The table below lists the amount of protein in chicken from different parts of the body. The values are given for approximately 100 grams (3,5 oz) cooked.

Chicken Protein table:

Chicken Type (100g)CaloriesTotal FatSaturated FatUnsaturated FatProteins
Chicken Breast meat only - Raw1142,60,61,221,2
Chicken Breast meat only - Roasted1653,61231
Chicken Breast meat only - Fried1874,71,32,833,4
Chicken Breast meat and skin - Raw1729,22,75,820,8
Chicken leg meat only - Raw1203,812,220,1
Chicken leg meat only - Roasted1918,42,3527
Chicken leg meat only - Fried2089,32,55,628,4
Chicken leg meat and skin - Raw18712,13,47,518,1
Chicken wing meat only - Raw1263,50,91,622
Chicken wing meat only - Roasted2038,12,34,430,4
Chicken wing meat only - Fried2119,12,55,230,1
Chicken wing meat and skin - Raw22215,64,59,718,3

Values for chicken protein may vary between different portions, use as guide only.

USDA National Nutrient Database

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