Protein Amount in Fish

Fish: high in protein, excellent for anti-aging, its a beautiful weapon against growing old and brittle hair. Fish is leaner than meat, that is lower fat, and contains amino acids and minerals that are vital to the body. There is anywhere from 15gm to 30gm of protein in fish depending on the type of fish and how it is cooked.

It is easy to get a few servings of fish in your diet every week. Steamed, baked, grilled, or lightly fried (don’t pile on the oil!), fish can be served with salad, avocados, fresh potatoes (keep the skin on to obtain more nutritious vitamins), or even quinoa.

Eating more lean animal proteins can assist in successful weight loss. If you follows a calorie restricted diet, you may be in need of good quality protein so the body doesn’t burn it as energy (the body should burn the fat). And fish can do the trick and not provide the heavy amount of saturated fats like red meat. Plus the calories in fish are lower.

Protein in Fresh Fish Table:

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Values for fish protein may vary between different pieces & portions, use only as guide.

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