Importance of Protein in the Daily Diet

When attempting to lose weight, many people don’t seem to realize the importance of eating good quality, healthy foods, including complete proteins. Without sufficient protein, the body may break down faster than it can repair itself, eventually resulting in a lowered metabolism. This could be exasperated if an individual is exercising frequently in order to lose the weight. This does not mean it’s necessary to eat lots of protein, in fact eating little and often seems to be the best rule.

There are a few reasons why it’s important to maintain adequate protein intakes when following a weight loss diet.

Protein intake requirement

As a practical, rough guide, protein should make up about 25 percent of the food on your plate, but may vary depending on individual requirements. Animal protein sources provide the best quality protein sources, but due to the sometimes high saturated fat content, it may not be best to supply all protein requirements from foods of animal origin. Plant protein can be just as good, especially if combined in the correct combinations to create complete proteins.

Another rough guide, is one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. An example would be 70 grams per day for a male of 70kgs in weight (154 pounds or 11 stones). Remember though, this is a rough guide and may need to be changed for some individual circumstances. For more accurate guides seek advice from your doctor or a dietician!

It shouldn't be necessary to take supplements of each individual amino acids, Lycine and Methionine, in order to gain benefits of fat burning. It would be much better to ensure an adequate, regular, intake of good quality protein sources from natural foods. A healthy balanced diet should provide all the necessary amino acids required for good health and fat burning potential.

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