Protein in Meat

The protein in meat often has a high biological quality compared to many plant foods. Some processed forms of meat tend to have a lower protein quality than their fresh counterparts, but still generally higher than many plant foods.

Meat protein contains all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions required by the body for optimum growth of lean, calorie-burning tissue. Maintaining our lean weight is crucial for keeping the metabolic rate sufficiently high enough to burn enough calories to lose weight.

Many plant foods can be combined to form high quality protein sources similar to the protein in meat!

Meat TypeProteins (per 100gram)Calories (per 100 gram)Fat (per 100 gram)
Bacon, average rashers2350045
Beef, average lean2527520
Lamb breast, roasted2239830
Lamb chops, grilled2136828
Lamb cutlets, grilled2337531
Lamb leg, roasted2527017
Lamb shoulder, roasted2032024
Pork belly rashers, grilled2140035
Pork chops, grilled2834024
Pork leg, roasted2729020
Pork trotters, boiled2029023
Veal fillet, roasted3024012
Chicken, average2614012
Duck, roasted2033030
Goose, roasted3035025
Partridge, roasted292508
Pheasant, roasted302509
Pigeon, roasted132509
Turkey, roasted281656

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